Community and Project Wikis

The Assimilation Lab has a MediaWiki installation that's available for the use of our hosted projects or forum members for their community endeavours. MediaWiki is the software used by Wikipedia and many other websites. Our wikis are backed up daily, upgraded regularly and we have installed various spam prevention extensions for the security of our wikis.

Contact one of our staff members if you would like a wiki set up for your project.

Current Wikis

Better Cities Wiki Image

Better Cities

Complete guide and walk-through for Better Cities.

Morrowind Modding Wiki Image

Morrowind Modding Wiki

Your one-stop-shop for information on Morrowind modding, whether you're playing mods or creating them.

Oblivion Quest Mod Wiki Image

The Oblivion Quest Mod Wiki

WalkerInShadows' list of Oblivion quest mods.

The Quest Lists Wiki Image

The Quest Lists

Formerly known as The Oblivion Quest List (TOQL), The Quest Lists have been expanded to include recommended mods for Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind.

TESCOSI Wiki Image


Tomlong's ultimate guide to modded Oblivion has a new home! TESCOSI has information for all levels of mod users, including the most detailed mod installation guide around.