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Mod Name: Vilja in Skyrim
Size/Category: Companion
Status: Released
Author: Emma, Amgepo, Lycanthrops
Current Version: 2.03
Version Date: 11 Nov 2013
Links: Emma's Elder Scrolls Site, TESNexus
Requirements: n/a
Hours of Play: TBD
# of Quests (Sub Qs): TBD
Tags: TBD
Lore Friendly Rating: TBD
Entry Last Updated: 30 Dec 2013
Description/Review: This mod adds a new companion, Vilja, which is fully voiced with over 5000 lines of dialogue. It also includes optional romance and multiple story lines to keep the player occupied. Vilja has many unique abilities, such as being able to interact with other companions and can be the player's guide across Skyrim.
Author's Notes: None