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Black Flag Tavern
Room OBValueIcon small.png 10
Publican Peg Head Jack
Waitress Melisar Casta
Waitress Mystra
Console Location Code(s)
AnvilTheBlackFlagTavern, AnvilTheBlackFlagRooms, AnvilTheBlackFlagCellar
The tavern stands at the west end of the Anvil docks.

The Black Flag Tavern is an inn and tavern located at the far western end of the Anvil Bay docks, identified only by a pair of large pirate flags outside.

The tavern's common room
The tavern's upstairs rooms

The Black Flag is not what most would expect, given its reputation (at least one bar fight most nights) and its clientele (it caters mostly to the rough-and-tumble crowd since the pirates started docking in Anvil Bay). The common room is large, clean, and well-lit with several chandeliers, though oddly lacking in nautical decoration beyond a single Jolly Roger on the wall - the Black Flag used to have a pure black flag as their decoration, however the pirates replaced this with the Jolly Roger and Peg Head Jack is unwilling to upset the pirates by removing it. Three large tables provide space for customers to gather, while stools along the bar opposite the entrance allow single drinkers to drown their sorrows while complaining to the proprietor, Peg Head Jack. For those who wish a little privacy, there's a small room with a single table off to one side.

Jack offers rooms for rent for the low price of 10 gold. As with the rest of the place, the rooms are clean and surprisingly well-appointed. The one room available has a bed, cupboard, chest of drawers, a chest, and small table, all upper-class furnishings.

The cellar is rather sizeable, with several levels connected by a single stairway. Each level is crowded with barrels, crates, and racks of beer, mead, ale, and other alcoholic beverages, as well as foodstuffs and other supplies. Several huge ale casks also take up space down here. Sundar the Bouncer has a bunk down at the very bottom, among more crates and barrels.


Captain Hawkins
Gindle Morton
Iggy Seamus
Orguk Deadeye
Retired Captain Greyhand
Sailor Sim
Sea Scale

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