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Imperial Ministry
Console Location Code(s)
ICArboretumDistrictGovernmentCabinetMinister, ICArboretumDistrictGovernmentCabinetMinisterWorkroom, ICArboretumDistrictGovernmentOfficesLevel1, ICArboretumDistrictGovernmentOfficesLevel2, ICArboretumDistrictGovernmentMinistry,
Imperial City, Arboretum
The Imperial Ministry

The Imperial Ministry is a government office located in the Arboretum District beside the gate to Green Emperor Way.

Imperial Ministry, ground floor
Imperial Ministry, lounge

There are two ways into this building; both open into a lobby where a receptionist sits at a small desk, opposite a guard on duty. Visitors must go through another small office to get to the main room, which has stairs up and down. The lower level is mostly a long hallway with a garderobe and a lounge. Two doors lead down to the sub-basement, which is a large round room lined with clerks' desks, where most of the work is done.

The stairs to the upper floor lead to a reception area; beyond that lies the manager's office. Stairs from there lead to a tower room, which in turn has another door leading to the cabinet minister's office, a large room with several display cabinets and stone floors.