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The Arena District is one of the six inner city districts in the Imperial City. As its name implies, it contains the Arena, along with Arena team barracks, various citizen's homes and a couple of taverns.


Arena District People
Asweig Roselli
Candidian Secundus
Djacomo Favretto
Dubro Baglione
Emil Orioli
Eyolv Farinati
Felicia Spinello
Fredericka Hince
Gamilzor Menigon
Gerrke Budek
Iolanta Galan
Klement Hince
Laurindie Menigon
Mark Boletus
Modestus Orioli
Mornemir Menigon
Ovidy Spinello
Paolo Abbate
Pebin Rudrayt
Rannweig Secundus
Rinata Favretto
Sygir gro-Mada
Tor Galan
Torgeir Roselli
Una Farinati
Valery Boletus


The Arena
  1. Northeast Watch Tower
  2. Gate to the Imperial City Market District
  3. Arena Bloodworks
  4. Gate to Imperial City Green Emperor Way
  5. Arena
  6. Arena
  7. Gate to the Imperial City Arboretum
  8. Southeast Watch Tower
  9. Statue of Morihaus
  10. Statue of Saint Alessia
  11. Admiralty
  12. Joint Staff
  13. Pebin Rudrayt's House
  14. Bonito's Grocery Shop
  15. Poldon's House
  16. Ovidy Spinello's House
  17. Eyolv Farinati's House
  18. Pub 102
  19. Klement Hince's House
  20. Tor Galan Family House
  21. Torgeir Roselli's House
  22. Mornemir Menigon's House
  23. Djacomo Favretto's House
  24. Dro'Hajat's House
  25. Gildor's House
  26. Mark Boletus' House
  27. Candidian Secundus' House
  28. Paolo Abbate's House
  29. Gladiator Barracks, Yellow Team
  30. Gladiator Barracks, Red Team
  31. Gladiator Barracks, Blue Team
  32. Beerhouse of the Arena, Basement
  33. Beerhouse of the Arena

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