Aristocratic District

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The Aristocratic District houses the richest citizens of the Imperial City, the emperor's private home as the centrepiece.


Aristocratic District People
Armand Sauleus
Beata Vince
Cecilia Sauleus
Karion Maximus
Kint Emyli
Klavidi Rienci
Lady Jhasmina
Metella Gallian
Orentya Gallian
Pelius Alvano
Popilia Rienci
Sevir Alvano
Vianor Leterious
Vincent Rienci


Aristocratic District

To find a particular place, check the relevant number on the map.

  1. Gate to Aristocratic Walkway
  2. The Estate of the Emperor
  3. Diplomatic Hotel
  4. Imperial Legion Guard Post
  5. Vianor Leterious' House
  6. Vincent Rienci's House
  7. Orentya Gallian's House
  8. Lady Jhasmina's House
  9. Karion Maximus' House
  10. Armand Sauleus' House
  11. Pelius Alvano's House