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Bravil Bayside Inn
Room OBValueIcon small.png 10
Proprietor Gerald Fander
Waitress Isabelle
Console Location Code(s)
The Bravil Bayside Inn

The Bravil Bayside Inn is located at the south-eastern corner of the Bravil Docks, near the bend. It is run jointly by Gerald Fander and his wife Isabelle.

The proprietor, Gerald Fander, has 200 gold and a Mercantile skill of 42; he buys and sells food and drink, and offers a room for the night. Isabelle makes fresh bread every day and serves customers in the common room; she has 50 gold and 30 Mercantile.

The inn is quite nice for any city, but especially Bravil; it draws a wide variety of travellers from all over Cyrodiil and beyond when their ships stop in Bravil. The front door opens into the common room, which has three tables and several benches, and is lit by hanging chandeliers. Gerald works behind a counter lined with stools; the space behind the counter is occupied by shelves full of plates and wine racks above them. On the far side of the stairs up to the private rooms, a smaller room holds three huge wine and beer barrels and a smaller one for mead.

The second floor has three rooms - one is occupied by Captain Saxa, but the other two are available for rent; each is large and spacious, with a bed, dresser or armoire, table, and various decorations. The third floor is one huge, well-appointed suite full of upper-class furnishings: a king-sized bed, two armoires, a chest of drawers, a bookcase, a nightstand, and three tables.


Bay Swimmer
Bildammu Darethi
Bobert Loxen
Borough gro-Lazgarn
Brograz the Deck Hand
Captain Fens
Captain Saxa
Captain Treacher
Dock Master Rolland Elsyr
Lord Kildred
Monk Emory
Old Pirate Homer
Scurvy Jim
Shark Tooth Zarak
Shipwright Seth
Tolas Leadsaber

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