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Vark's Tavern
Proprietor Vark
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Vark's Tavern

Vark's Tavern is a dive bar located on the road outside of Bravil, near the Bravil Riverside. It's marked by a large sign over the door with the name "Vark's" crudely carved into it.

Vark's Tavern, common room

The proprietor, Vark, has 200 gold, and a Mercantile skill of 11; he buys ingredients and potions and sells local food and drink, like salted meat, Gron's River Ale, and Bravil Barrel Mead.

The tavern is located along the road west of the Bravil main gate. All the windows are boarded up, and the only light inside comes from a few candles and lanterns. It is, essentially, a place where serious drinkers go to drown their sorrows, and where shady characters go to conduct business. Vark holds court from behind a small bar to one side of the common room, near the stairs; two tables take up most of the rest of the space below. A stairway leads up to the second floor, which is even darker than the downstairs. There are four more tables up here, each illuminated by a sole candle. Vark is a former gladiator in the Arena; he keeps a pair of large clubs on the wall behind the bar to deal with troublemakers.

Vark lives below the tavern with his dog Gron; his home can be accessed via a trap door behind the bar or a door outside at the rear of the building.


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