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(RefID: 0100A80B)

Home City Skingrad
House Kelgan's House
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 4 Class Pauper
Ref ID 0100A80B Base ID 0100A80A
Ref Editor ID BANSkingradKelganRef
Base Editor ID BANSkingradKelgan
Other Information
Health 56 Magicka 160
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Essential Always
Factions Kelgan's House, Skingrad Citizen
Kelgan visits the Chapel every day to sweep the floors

Kelgan is a Redguard who lives in a house in Skingrad with his niece Elizabetha Salene.

Kelgan gets up at 6am every morning and spends a couple hours straightening up around his house. He eats breakfast at 8am for two hours, then goes to The Page of Cups for four hours to drink beer. If the quest The Baron von Zarov Files: The Case of the Missing Body is active, he'll remain at the Page of Cups all day until 8pm; if it's not, he goes home at 2pm to take a nap for two hours, then goes to work at Chapel of Julianos. He sweeps the floors there until 8pm, then goes home, eats dinner for two hours, and goes to bed.

Kelgan wears a monk's robe and buckled shoes; he carries a loaf of bread.

Kelgan's house is located on the western side of the south half of the city, in a warren of shops and houses. While the house itself is large, it's sparsely furnished with lower-class items. The ground floor has an entryway and a dining room/kitchen with a moderate-sized table, several benches and chairs, and a lot of storage for food. The middle floor is his living quarters; he has a bed, small table that serves as a desk, and several bookshelves and low dressers. The upper floor is empty except for Elizabetha's bed and a chest for her possessions.

Kelgan is kind of slow and gets a lot of harassment; thus, when you try to get any information from him, he'll usually tell you to get lost: "Piss off! Why does everybody taunt me so?" You'll have to get his disposition above 80 before he relaxes and gives you what you need. Other than quest-related dialogue, he has nothing to say.

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