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(RefID: 01047E13)

Home City Anvil
Location Keyan's House
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 12 Class Trader
Ref ID 01047E13 Base ID 01047977
Base Editor ID BANAnvilKeyan
Available 10am to 8pm, every day
Gold 150 Mercantile Apprentice (46)
Sells Weapons, Misc.
Buys Armor, Weapons, Misc.
Other Information
Health 130 Magicka 200
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Factions Anvil Citizens
Keyan working at his stall

Keyan is a Khajiit trader who lives in Anvil; he runs a small market stall where he sells weapons and miscellaneous items.

Keyan gets up at 8am every morning and eats breakfast before heading out to his stall in the market, where he spends the day. At 8pm, he closes up shop and goes home to relax and read for an hour before eating dinner and going to bed at 11pm.

Keyan wears a burgundy linen shirt and pants, along with thick cowhide shoes; he carries some salmon, a copy of The Ebon Arm, a house key, and a small amount of gold.

Keyan's house is in the northern part of Anvil, behind The Count's Arms. It is currently undergoing renovation, so most of his possessions are packed up in crates and boxes, crammed into one of the two rooms. Most of the available space is given over for his bed, a small dining table for meals, and an aisle to walk.

Aside from rumors, he has nothing to say.