Lord Baldor Varian

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Lord Baldor Varian

(RefID: 0100F317)

Home City Skingrad
House Varian Manor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 4 Class Noble
Ref ID 0100F317 Base ID 0100F316
Ref Editor ID BANSkingradBaldorRef
Base Editor ID BANSkingradBaldor
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 210
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Essential Always
Factions Skingrad Citizen

Lord Baldor Varian is an Imperial noble who lives in Varian Manor, a large mansion in Skingrad.

Baldor spends all his time at home. He sleeps from 10pm to 6am every day and eats lunch at noon and dinner at 6pm, both times for two hours. During the quest The Baron von Zarov Files: The Plot Thickens, he will unlock the front door at 8am and lock it up again at 8pm; the door remains unlocked the rest of the time.

Baldor wears The Deceiver's Finery (L20) and blue suede shoes, and carries a key to the manor.

If you encounter Baldor outside of the normal course of a quest, he'll sneer at you: "I don't speak to low-lifes like you, now take this gold piece and don’t drink it all at once!"