Ma Syd Jun

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Ma Syd Jun

(RefID: 0101F52D)

Home City Bravil
Location Ma Syd Jun's Goodies and More
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 70 Class Merchant
Ref ID 0101F52D Base ID 0101A409
Ref Editor ID MaSydJunRef
Base Editor ID BANBravilMaSydJun
Available 8am to 10pm, every day
Gold 1000 Mercantile Apprentice (40)
Sells Armor, Weapons, Books, Clothing, Ingredients, Potions, Magic Items, Misc.
Buys Armor, Weapons, Books, Clothing, Ingredients, Potions, Magic Items, Misc.
Other Information
Health 800 Magicka 240
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Essential Always
Factions Bravil Citizen
Ma Syd Jun in his store

Ma Syd Jun is a Dunmer who runs a store in Bravil called Ma Syd Jun's Goodies and More.

Ma Syd Jun spends most of his time behind the counter, dealing with customers; he gets up at 6am, eats breakfast, then opens the shop for business; he closes up at 10pm, eats dinner, and goes to bed at midnight.

He wears a black robe and hood, along with leather boots, and carries a small amount of gold and a key to his house/shop.

Ma Syd Jun lives below his shop. A trap door behind the counter leads down to the basement, which has two levels. The upper has three beds - his, Aeko's, and a third occupied by a skeleton; the lower is a common area - dining area, kitchen, etc. - which has its own door to the outside. A man named Albert can be found here, sitting on a stool. A cupboard in the rear is actually a portal to another cell which is an easter egg - the Bravil Museum.

Ma Syd Jun is always happy to see a customer, be it a new one or a regular: "Heroes from all over Cyrodiil I may welcome here, sire, but no one is as welcome as you are."