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The Market District is a portion of the Imperial City where various goods can be bought and sold.


Market District People
Auriel Books (Auriel's Books)
Brenard Gaussian General (Scribe Supplies)
Caelus Clothing (The Bit and Bridle)
Cornelius Cisterzio Banking (Bank of Cyrodiil)
Corthio General (Corthio's Curiosities)
Glad gro-Magosh
Hermette Cisterzio
Jira General (Blue Sands Housewares)
Leialla Clothing (Empire's Best Tailoring)
Marius the Cobbler Clothing (The Quick Cobbler)
Montfort Food (Montfort's Bakery)
Orris Trissen
Percan Cedus Alchemist (Fishmonger)
Rask'uhl General (The Reluctant Ranger)
Selvia Pevengius General (The Toy Stop)
Selvia Urgeli
Volrina Munia General (Volrina Munia: Enchanter) Recharge
Ziya gra-Naim


Market District

To find a particular place, check the relevant number on the map.

  1. Gate to Elven Gardens District
  2. Gate to Imperial Prison Walkway
  3. Gate to Green Emperor Way
  4. Gate to Arena District
  5. North Watch Tower
  6. Northeast Watch Tower
  7. Divine Elegance
  8. Mystic Emporium
  9. Slash 'N Smash
  10. The Gilded Carafe
  11. The Best Defense
  12. Office of Imperial Commerce
  13. Stonewall Shields
  14. Edgar's Discount Spells
  15. Rindir's Staffs
  16. The Copious Coinpurse
  17. The Market Sewers
  18. First Edition
  19. The Merchants Inn
  20. A Fighting Chance
  21. The Main Ingredient
  22. Black Horse Courier
  23. Three Brothers Trade Goods
  24. Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise
  25. Warehouse
  26. The Feed Bag
  27. Red Diamond Jewelry
  28. Waterfront Tunnel
  29. Warehouse
  30. Glad gro-Magosh's House
  31. Scribe Supplies
  32. Auriel's Books
  33. Juno's Guesthouse
  34. Sirion's Grocery Shop
  35. Corthio's Curiosities
  36. Fishmonger
  37. Public Bathing House and Gardens
  38. Bank of Cyrodiil
  39. Offices of the Magistrate
  40. Prosecutor's Office
  41. Volrina Munia, Enchanter
  42. Montfort's Bakery
  43. The Bit and Bridle
  44. The Toy Stop
  45. Empire's Best Tailoring
  46. The Reluctant Ranger
  47. Orris Trissen's House
  48. Blue Sands Housewares
  49. The Quick Cobbler
  50. Halfdan's House

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  • There is an upper level for the Market District; stores marked in orange on the map are on this upper level.
  • Some stores can be accessed via roof hatches.