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Corthio's Curiosities
Proprietor Corthio
Console Location Code(s)
ICMarketDistrictCorthiosCuriosities, ICMarketDistrictCorthiosCuriositiesBasement, ICMarketDistrictCorthiosCuriositiesUpstairs
Imperial City, Market District
Corthio's Curiosities

Corthio's Curiosities is a shop in a back alley of the Imperial City Market District, just west of the gate to the Prison District, that sells all manner of items.

Corthio's Curiosities, show room

Corthio, the proprietor, has 300 gold, a Mercantile skill of 51, and will buy and sell armor, clothing, weapons, books, ingredients, and miscellaneous items.

The building has a basement, ground floor, and upper floor. The shop is located on the ground floor; it is small and lined with tables and display cases containing magical and alchemical items. A door at the back leads down to the basement, which is used for storage. Corthio lives above his shop in a moderate-sized apartment. It has a bed, two tables for working and eating, a desk, armoire, and several crates and boxes tucked into a corner.