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(RefID: 02020470)

Home City Bravil
Location Niben Bay
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 20 Class Thief
Ref ID 02020470 Base ID 0102D00B
Base Editor ID BANBravilMarsh
Other Information
Health 122 Magicka 254
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Factions None
Marsh stands with the White Gold Tower behind in the mist

Marsh is an Argonian who lives on a small island out in Niben Bay, north-east of Bravil. He makes his living finding and selling pearls, which he harvests from clams deep on the bottom of the bay. His skills qualify him as a candidate for Rangers Guild recruitment. Marsh owns a house in Leyawiin, but he hasn't been home for quite some time, having left a sign outside reading "Gone Fishing".

Marsh wakes at 4am every morning and goes diving; at 10am, he eats lunch for two hours, then busies himself with tasks around the island. He eats a two-hour dinner at 8pm, then goes to bed.

He wears nothing but a pair of leather greaves; he is armed with a fine iron dagger and carries a piece of salted meat and an apple.

Marsh's island is a small atoll that can be reached via a row boat tied up near the Riverside Shack; the only feature of note is the remains of a fort wall with an arch in it. Marsh has a bedroll under the arch, along with a few containers for his possessions and a small table and stool where he shucks oysters and clams.

If you go out to his island, he'll welcome you: "Few make it out here. What can I do for you?" If you were sent there by Ferntail, he says, "I'm glad the old man is surviving up there." If you ask about getting Ferntail a pearl, he adds: "So Ferntail wants a Luminescent Pearl. Those only grow in Shiny Clams, which are in the deepest waters, around this island. They might be difficult to get to, but I'd put some effort into it. Ferntail can be quite generous when he's feeling pleased." If you haven't been sent by Ferntail, but ask about pearl diving, Marsh will happily explain: "This is the place for it. The best diving is in the deepest waters."

If you ask about the Riverside Shack, he'll say: "A friend of mine, Ferntail, used to live there. He was a big-shot in the Thieves Guild. Smuggled a lot of stolen goods out of that place, and never got caught. His old Shadowscale connections caught up with him, however, so he put it up for sale, and fled north into the mountains. Last I heard, he was hiding somewhere near Bruma."