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Parameter Table Display Description
title required Full title of book. This does not have to exactly match the page name.
icon optional Icon to display.
nodiv optional Set to "yes" to not use book-style formatting.
poem optional Set to "yes" to use poem-style formatting (like book-style, but without indents. Used for poems, plays, and anywhere else you don't want indents.)
prev optional Link to previous book for series books.
next optional Link to next book for series books.
author optional Name of the author of the book.
description optional A brief description of the book.
mod optional Name of mod that adds book (if not in base version of Better Cities).
id required Base Form ID.
value required Value in gold.
weight required Weight.
skill optional Skill trained by book.
spell optional Spell trained by book.
topic optional Dialogue topics added by book.
map optional Map marker(s) added by book.
quest optional Quest for which the book is needed.
questrel optional Quest to which the book is related, but not needed.
loc optional Location(s) where the book is found.
fancy optional Set to any single capital letter. Displays first letter as an image in fancy script.
comment optional Freeform comment that is displayed as "Notes" at the bottom of the infobox