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This template creates an infobox for use on all NPC pages, and will display an image as well if one is available.

Parameter Table Display Description
NoTrail If this is used, then the trail back to previous pages will not be shown (< Main Page: People). This should only be used for unique special cases
Name NPC's name. This will be filled in automatically, taken from the page name
refid Ref ID NPC's reference FormID
baseid Base ID NPC's base FormID
refed Ref Editor ID NPC's reference EditorID. Leave blank if the NPC does not have one
baseed Base Editor ID NPC's base EditorID
mod Added by Plug-in If the NPC only exists when a specific ESP (not one of the main Better Cities ESPs) is active, use this to name the ESP
essential Essential Is the NPC essential? Always, until a certain quest is complete, or sometimes. Should not be used if the NPC is never essential
respawn Respawns Does NPC respawn? Yes or blank
follower Follower Is NPC a follower? Provide link to relevant quests during which follower accompanies you
image The name of an image file for this NPC, just the file name
imgdesc Description of image (only needed if image is provided)
city Home City NPC's "Home City" (formatted as a link to appropriate page)
town Home Town NPC's "Home Town", if NPC lives in a town instead of a city
store Store Name of the "Store" store where this NPC is a merchant (if a merchant)
house House Name of the "House" where this NPC lives. If the NPC is a merchant who lives in their store, leave this blank
loc Location "Location" where NPC can be found (if NPC does not live in a city/town or in a house/store)
race Race NPC's race. If a custom race has been used, add the custom race EditorID in brackets, e.g. "Nord (BANNordBlind)"
gender Gender NPC's gender, either Male or Female
level Level NPC's level. If leveled, then use PC+ or PC- followed by the offset amount (just use PC if the offset is 1), e.g. "PC+3"
class Class NPC's class
health Health NPC's health
magicka Magicka NPC's magicka
resp Respons. NPC's responsibility
aggress Aggress. NPC's aggressions
faction Factions Factions to which NPC belongs
services For NPCs who provide any services, provide "services=yes" to display the Services section
specialservice For NPCs who provide Enchanting, Repairing, Recharging or Other services, provide "specialservice=yes" to display the Other section
avail Available Times/days when available for services
rent Rents Bed Price to rent a bed (only needed for publicans)
train Training Training provided by NPC. Format it like <skill trained>, <training level> (e.g. Alteration, Master)
enchanter Other For NPCs who provide enchanting services, provide "enchanter=yes"
recharge Other For NPCs who provide recharging services, provide "recharge=yes"
repair Other For NPCs who provide repair services, provide "repair=yes"
other Other Other services provided by NPC (optional) (Most other services are covered by one of the above parameters. This should only be used for unique special cases)
gold Gold Merchants' gold (only needed for merchants)
merc Mercantile Mercantile skill of NPC (only needed for merchants)
sells Sells List of items sold by merchant
buys Buys List of types of items bought by merchant, corresponding to CS categories
spell Spells Icons summarising spells sold by NPC


{{NPC Summary
|loc=Night's Scream
|avail=10am-8pm daily
|merc=Apprentice (29)
|sells=Alchemical Ingredients, Potions, Equipment
|buys=Ingredients, Potions, Apparatus
|faction=Anvil Citizen; Night's Scream
|imgdesc=Arriliano studying by the dim light on the mid-deck of the Night's Scream