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This template places a left-aligned table of contents (TOC) at the location where the template is placed. The TOC is in a floating table, so text will be placed side-by-side next to the TOC.


Parameter Scope Description
1 or width optional The maximum width of the table. The table itself will still auto-size to the smallest size required, but the entire space will be reserved. Percentage, units, or "auto" are all acceptable; the unit or percent sign must be specified. (Default is "auto".)
2 or limit optional The limit the subheaders shown in the TOC. For example, limit=2 would only show level-1 or level-2 headers (=..= or ==..==). (Default is 4.)
clear optional Changes the setting for the CSS clear parameter, other content to appear below the TOC on the side(s) specified. Possible values are left, right, both, or none. (Default is "left".)


{{TOCleft|50%}} Text starts half-way over.

Text starts half-way over.