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This template creates an infobox for use on all NPC pages. It includes the appropriate bread crumb trails and categories. It can be used on Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, Oblivion, and Shivering Isles pages.

The main template handles information common to all games, as well as the categories and trail. A variety of subpages handle game-specific information. And game can have up to four subpages:

  • Header: extra information added to the first row of the table (containing the NPC name)
  • Main: extra table rows added at the end of the "main" section of the table, i.e., after the NPC's race, gender, level, and class. In particular, this is where the IDs are typically done (since Morrowind IDs are different from Oblivion and Skyrim IDs)
  • Services: extra table rows added near the start of the "Services" section of the table; used for services that are only offered in certain games.
  • Other: extra table rows added near the end of the table; used for all other game-specific information.
Morrowind Oblivion Skyrim
Header Header Header
Main Main Main
Services Services Services
Other Other Other




{{NPC Summary
|loc=[[Oblivion:Anvil Mages Guild|Anvil Mages Guild]]
|avail=7am-9pm every day
|train=[[Image:Trainicon_blue.png|Illusion (Advanced)]][[Image:Illusionicon_base.png|Illusion (Advanced)]] [[Oblivion:Illusion|Illusion]], Advanced
|faction={{Faction|Mages Guild|Wizard}}; {{Faction|Anvil Citizen}}
|imgdesc=Carahil behind her desk in the [[Oblivion:Anvil|Anvil]] Mages Guild