Temple District

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The Temple District is a section of The Imperial City that houses the Temple of the One where new Emperors light the Dragonfires to take the throne.


Temple District
Atipis Varkiar
Cornelius Octavius
Edayna Menigon
Fiore Menigon
Glabrio Bellenus
Inema Alvano
Merrick Ligos
Ranven Bellenus
Stella Kelen
Tahir Shanias
Tersy Vingetor
Vicilus Kelen
Akatosh Apartment People
Amillia of Daggerfall
Dulaus Vantain Spellsicon small.png
Garty the Decaying
Garty the Decaying
Invoker Clair Velander Restoration Spells
Knight Commander Percy of Kynareth
Matron V'Nii
Theurgist Alanus Medici Restoration Spells
Arkay Apartment People
Alvyn Fardeed
An Oiled Barbarian Bodyguard
Capito Decus
Junaus the Wastrel
Luther Nelson
Sarqiz-Varjaz Books
Dibella Apartment People
Jacob the Cardsharp
Justin Anvurus
K'Mar the Night Prowler
Kirel Velvin
Manfred Kastring
Nathanial the Bard


Temple District
  1. Gate to Imperial City, Talos Plaza District
  2. Pennus Mallius' House
  3. Gate to Imperial City, Green Emperor Way
  4. Surius Afranius' House
  5. Marana Rian's House
  6. The All-Saints Inn
  7. Gilen Norvalo's House
  8. Southwest Watch Tower
  9. Algot's House
  10. Hastrel Ottus' House
  11. Graman gro-Marad's House
  12. Trenus Duronius' House
  13. Hagaer's House
  14. Grey-Throat's House
  15. Luronk gro-Glurzog's House
  16. Ruslan's House
  17. Gate to Imperial City, Arboretum
  18. Temple of the One
  19. Temple of the One
  20. Roland Jenseric's House
  21. J'mhad's House
  22. Stantus Varrid's House
  23. Amantius Allectus' House
  24. Gate to Waterfront Tunnel and Imperial City, Waterfront District
  25. Salomon Geonette's House
  26. Seridur's House
  27. South Watch Tower
  28. Vicilus Kelen's House
  29. Dibella Apartments
  30. Inema Alvano's House
  31. Akatosh Apartments
  32. Arkay Apartments
  33. Glabrio Bellenus' House
  34. Fiore Menigon's House
  35. Office of the Imperial Cult
  36. Compound of the Order of Hours

Quests that Take Place Here


  • Some houses can be accessed via roof hatches.