Vincent Rienci

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Vincent Rienci

(RefID: 01001BC2)

Home City Imperial City, Aristocratic District
Location Vincent Rienci's House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 15 Class Noble
Ref ID 01001BC2 Base ID 011874A7
Base Editor ID BANICAristocraticDistrictVincentRienci
Other Information
Health 174 Magicka 307
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Factions Aristocrats, Imperial City Citizen, Office Workers, Nobility, Rienci Family
Vincent Rienci in the streets of the Aristocratic District

Vincent Rienci is an Imperial noble who lives in the Imperial City Aristocratic District with his wife Popilia Rienci and brother Klavidi Rienci.

He gets up at 6am every morning and washes up before eating breakfast. On weekdays, he goes to work at the Imperial Treasury at 10am, then heads over to the Diplomatic Hotel at 6pm to eat dinner for five hours. On weekends, he skips breakfast and spends the morning at home reading, then goes to the Hotel for the afternoon; he returns home to wander around for a couple hours, then sits down to drink wine for a few hours before going to bed at 11pm.

Vincent wears a red silk shirt and pants, and quilted shoes; he has keys to the house and office.

The house is located in the north-east part of the Aristocratic District. The ground floor is a dining room with a large round table in the middle and display cases and stands along the walls. The basement has a full kitchen with fireplace, counter, and sink, and a smaller room for bathing. The upstairs is divided into two rooms; the outer is a sitting room and Klavidi's bedroom; the inner is Vincent and Popilia's bedroom.

Aside from rumors, he has nothing to say.