Waterfront District:Black Rook Tavern

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Black Rook Tavern
Proprietor Gulfim gra-Hagra
Console Location Code(s)
Imperial City, Waterfront District
Black Rook Tavern, exterior

The Black Rook Tavern is is a lower-class establishment located in the Imperial City Waterfront District.

The proprietor, Gulfim gra-Hagra, has 100 gold, a Mercantile skill of 36, buys and sells food and drink. The Tavern is known for its mutton stew, and many sailors stop here for a tot of rum or a flagon of Nibenay Beer.

The Tavern's common room is moderately sized and has several tables; patrons can be found here at almost all hours, chatting, dicing, or drinking (or all three). Gulfim gra-Hagra serves her customers from behind a short bar at one end of the room, while her serving wench, Vermillia, circulates to get to the folks at the tables.

There are two small rooms upstairs, though both are occupied (by more than one person). A door in the back leads to Gulfim gra-Hagra's house, which butts up directly against the tavern.

Black Rook Tavern, interior


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