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GMST Contanimation occurs when the Construction Set automatically adds 72 GMST records to a mod that is not dependent on either Tribunal or Bloodmoon. This can happen with a newly created mod or one that is being edited. Unfortunately the values in at least some of these records are incorrect, and can lead to potential problems for a player (including causing dirty saves) using the contaminated mod.

It is highly recommended that modder's check their mods for GMST contamination before release as a part of their normal check for other dirty references. It is also recommended for player's to check before installing any given mod. There have been (and will continue to be) many mods released by inexperienced modders who were no aware of the possibility of GMST contamination.

Avoiding Contamination

Contamination can be avoided by ensuring that either Tribunal or Bloodmoon is a parent to the mod. This may be undesirable if the mod does not require either expansions. An alternative could be to use GMST Vaccine.

Cleaning the Contamination

The alternative to avoidance is to create the mod as usual, and then clean the GMSTs from the mod before release.

The following tools can be used by modder's to help check for and clean the problematic GMSTs from their mods. Players can also use these to check for contamination. It is also possible to clean the GMSTs from within the CS using the same method one would use to clean dirty references.


The GMST Name is what the game uses to internally identify the game setting. GMST Value is what the dirty game setting is actually storing. Data Type is what type of data the value is. This can either be a string (text), an integer (whole numbers), or a float (decimal numbers). Finally, the Tribunal Value and the Bloodmoon Value columns display the values found within the respective master files. A blank cell means that the values are the same as what is found in the dirty GMST.

GMST Name Data Type GMST Value Tribunal Value Bloodmoon Value
sTeleportDiabled String Teleportation magic does not work here.
sLevitateDisabled String Levitation magic does not work here.
sWerewolfRefusal String You cannot do this as a werewolf.
sWerewolfPopup String Werewolf
sWerewolfRestMessage String You cannot rest in werewolf form.
sWerewolfAlarmMessage String You have been detected changing from a werewolf state. You have been detected as a known werewolf.
sMaxSale String Max Sale Seller Max Max Sale
sDeleteNote String Delete Note?
sEditNote String Edit Note
sProfitValue String Profit Value Profit: Profit Value
sCompanionShare String Companion Share Share Companion Share
sCompanionWarningMessage String Your mercenary is poorer now than when he contracted with you. Your mercenary will quit if you do not give him gold or goods to bring his Profit Value to a positive value. Your mercenary is poorer now than when he contracted with you. Your mercenary will quit if you do not give him gold or goods to bring his Profit to a positive value. Your mercenary is poorer now than when he contracted with you. Your mercenary will quit if you do not give him gold or goods to bring his Profit Value to a positive value.
sCompanionWarningButtonOne String Let the mercenary quit.
sCompanionWarningButtonTwo String Return to Companion Share display.
fWereWolfRunMult Float 1.5 1.3
fWereWolfSilverWeaponDamageMult Float 1.5 2
iWereWolfBounty Integer 10000 1000
fWereWolfStrength Float 150
fWereWolfAgility Float 150
fWereWolfEndurance Float 150
fWereWolfSpeed Float 150 90
fWereWolfHandtoHand Float 100
fWereWolfUnarmored Float 100
iWereWolfLevelToAttack Integer 20
iWereWolfFightMod Integer 100
iWereWolfFleeMod Integer 100
fWereWolfAthletics Float 150 50
fWereWolfAcrobatics Float 150 80
fWereWolfHealth Float 2
fWereWolfFatigue Float 400
fWereWolfMagicka Float 100
fWereWolfIntellegence Float 1 0
fWereWolfWillPower Float 1 0
fWereWolfPersonality Float 1 0
fWereWolfLuck Float 1 25
fWereWolfBlock Float 1 0
fWereWolfArmorer Float 1 0
fWereWolfMediumArmor Float 1 0
fWereWolfHeavyArmor Float 1 0
fWereWolfBluntWeapon Float 1 0
fWereWolfLongBlade Float 1 0
fWereWolfAxe Float 1 0
fWereWolfSpear Float 1 0
fWereWolfDestruction Float 1 0
fWereWolfAlteration Float 1 0
fWereWolfIllusion Float 1 0
fWereWolfConjuration Float 1 0
fWereWolfMysticism Float 1 0
fWereWolfRestoration Float 1 0
fWereWolfEnchant Float 1 0
fWereWolfAlchemy Float 1 0
fWereWolfSecurity Float 1 0
fWereWolfSneak Float 1 95
fWereWolfLightArmor Float 1 0
fWereWolfShortBlade Float 1 0
fWereWolfMarksman Float 1 0
fWereWolfMerchantile Float 1 0
fWereWolfSpeechcraft Float 1 0
fCombatDistanceWerewolfMod Float 0.3
fFleeDistance Float 3000
sEffectSummonFabricant String sEffectSummonFabricant Summon Fabricant
sEffectSummonCreature01 String sEffectSummonCreature01 Call Wolf
sEffectSummonCreature02 String sEffectSummonCreature02 Call Bear
sEffectSummonCreature03 String sEffectSummonCreature03 Summon Bonewolf
sEffectSummonCreature04 String sEffectSummonCreature04
sEffectSummonCreature05 String sEffectSummonCreature05
sMagicFabricantID String Fabricant Fabricant_summon
sMagicCreature01ID String sMagicCreature01ID BM_wolf_grey_summon
sMagicCreature02ID String sMagicCreature02ID BM_bear_black_summon
sMagicCreature03ID String sMagicCreature03ID BM_wolf_bone_summon
sMagicCreature04ID String sMagicCreature04ID
sMagicCreature05ID String sMagicCreature05ID