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Morrowind Enhanced
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Author aerelorn
Version 1.2.1
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Morrowind Enhanced (MWE) is a discontinued add-on that allows extending the Morrowind scripting language by adding very specific new scripting functions, enabling the creation of mods that wouldn't otherwise be possible to make. It has a similar function to MWSE, another scripting extender, and they may be considered alternatives to one another. Nevertheless, the two can be used in tandem.
To play the game with mods that use MWE, you must launch Morrowind Enhanced.exe before you launch Morrowind. To create scripts that use new functions, you will need to use MWEdit to compile them and save your plugin.

Note: MWE is a discontinued closed-source and outdated extender that was focused on facilitating a number of mods created by the program's author. As Morrowind Script Extender offers more functions, is more documented and more convenient to use and is still being updated, MWE may be considered obsolete. For creating new mods with extended scripting, it is highly recommended to look into and use MWSE instead, whenever possible.

Official mods

The following MWE-using mods were released by MWE's author, aerelorn:

  • Combat Enhanced
  • Journal Enhanced
  • Blocking Enhanced
  • Writing Enhanced

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