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MWEdit program icon
Author davehumphrey
Version 0.6.1
Download SourceForge files
Website Sourceforge project

MWEdit is an unofficial incomplete alternate editor for Morrowind plugin files (ESPs and ESMs). It allows creating, editing and deleting records in a plugin file and has different and extra features compared to the Construction Set.

At present, other than using a hex editor, using MWEdit is the only way to compile scripts that use new, non-vanilla scripting functions - in other words, functions added by MWSE, MGE, MGE-XE or MWE. To use new functions added by the newer MWSE versions (after v0.9.4) or MGE-XE, you will have to update the customfunctions.dat text file in the MWEdit folder, for example by replacing t with the one supplied with those extenders.

Note: Since MWEdit is a beta program and is incomplete, it is recommended not to use it as a main general-purpose editing tool. Many types of work can be more convenient and done better in MWEdit than in the Construction Set, however, others are broken or buggy. Take care when using it for non-scripting related work. The best use of MWEdit is probably to mainly compile and edit scripts and related records, while using other tools such as Enchanted Editor, tes3cmd and the Construction Set for other kinds of work.

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