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Author john.moonsugar, Dragon32
Version 0.60
Download Nexus, Great House Fliggerty
Website Google Project

Mlox is the Mod Load Order eXpert, a tool originally developed by john.moonsugar that is designed to help people manage large collections of Morrowind plugins, it sorts plugins based on a very simple set of ordering rules that comprise a partial order over the set of plugins using a standard topological sort.

mlox also provides advice on plugin conflicts, missing pre-requisites, and general information of interest based on the user's particular set of plugins.

Download mlox

Google Code stopped projects from adding new downloads so mlox has to be downloaded from these locations:

Morrowind Nexus

Great House Fliggerty

You only need to download the mlox application from those links. There are two options, you only need one of these:

  • mlox-exe-VER.7z if you have Windows and do not want to install Python (this is a substantially larger download).
  • mlox-VER.7z if you have Windows with Python26 and wxPython installed, or if you want to run on Linux.

Just in case you'd like to install the Windows pre-requisites for this version, here they are: install this version or newer as earlier versions only support US version of Windows and code page 437 there are later versions of wxPython but mlox needs the ANSI version

Unpack the application archive in your Morrowind directory. You should see a mlox directory in the same directory as Morrowind.exe.

Versions of mlox previous to 0.59 required you to manually download and install the mlox rule-base. Version 0.59 of mlox added an automatic checking and downloading of the mlox rule-base.

Note: On Windows 7 (and maybe Vista), if you installed Morrowind in the default location "C:\Program Files\...", you may need to turn off UAC to get mlox to recognize your activated plugins in Morrowind.ini.


  • Optimally reorders your load order to avoid known problems.
  • Warns about missing pre-requisites
  • Warns about plugin conflicts
  • Prints notes for things you might want to know about a mod, but were too lazy to read the Readme, or even find the info in some post somewhere in the Internets :)
  • User customizable via a rules file. Just create an mlox_user.txt in your mlox directory, and start adding your own rules.
  • Runs on Windows or Linux :)
  • Can also check someone else's load list from a file: -wf Morrowind.ini -wf someones_load_order_posting.txt

or just paste the list of plugins into the Active plugins pane of the GUI. (mlox understands output of Wrye Mash and Reorder Mods++)

(Note that mlox does not tell you if you have missing Meshes or Textures, it is only a load order tool, and does not report problems with resources.)

Customizing your Load Order

mlox allows you to customize your load order by adding your own sorting rules to a file called "mlox_user.txt", which you put in your mlox directory. Then, all you need to do to get your load order re-sorted correctly is press the update button in mlox. It can't get easier than that.

You can add any of mlox's rules to "mlox_user.txt", but for people that want to customize their load order, the [Order] rule is probably all that is needed. Here is a simple example:

Let's say you want to make sure that mlox always puts plugin "Foo.esp" before "Bar.esp". Just create a simple text file called "mlox_user.txt" in your mlox directory (using Notepad or whatever) containing the following:


From now on, when you press the mlox update button, mlox will make sure that this is the order for those 2 plugins. Note that the [Order] rules in mlox_user.txt (your personal rules) take precedence over the rules in mlox_base.txt.

You should also be aware that the [Order] rule only specifies relative order, so in the example above, it does not mean that Foo.esp must come immediately before Bar.esp, only that Foo.esp must load somewhere before Bar.esp.


The complete documentation for mlox comes as simple text files included in the mlox download, you can browse them on-line directly from the Google Code repository:

  • mlox_readme.txt provides a guide to getting started and introduction to usage. Important Reading
  • mlox_rules_guide.txt explains the syntax of the mlox rules, and how to write them yourself if you want to customize mlox.
  • mlox_guts document describes mlox's inner workings and how it does its job.