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The Morrowind.ini is the file that stores many editable settings. These are settings that the average player would generally not need to change. Each setting is grouped into one of several sections. The start of a new section is designated like this:


Every setting is in the Name=Value format. A setting beginning with a semi-colon have been commented out. This means that the game will skip these when loading the Morrowind.ini file. The semi-colon can also be used to create comments.

The following sections list all of the settings and .ini sections found in a Morrowind.ini file with Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon installed. Commented lines are also listed.

General Sections


Name Default Value Description
 ;Test TES 0 morrowind.esm
 ;Starting Cell Pelagiad
 ;Starting Grid X 0
 ;Starting Grid Y 0
Show FPS 0 Setting this to 1 displays FPS on top right corner
Max FPS 240 This is the FPS limiter. Probably should be lowered to 60 or equal to the monitor refresh rate. Too high values causes mouse clicks not regestering or in some cases stuttering
TryArchiveFirst 0 Tells the game where to look for meshes, textures etc.

-1 = Looks for meshes, textures etc only in Data Files folder and not in BSAs

0 = Looks for meshes, textures etc in both Data Files folder and BSAs, and loads the newer of the two ( preferable )

1 = Looks for meshes, textures etc only in BSAs

SkipProgramFlows 0
DontThreadLoad 0 By default the cells are loaded on seperate thread. Setting this to 1 avoids that. Might decrease stuttering in cells but takes longer to load cells
ThreadPriority -1
ThreadSleepTime 4
Clip One To One Float 1
Flip Control Y 0
SkipKFExtraction 1
PC Footstep Volume 0.7
Disable Audio 0
Background Keyboard 0 Enables or Disables alt-tabbing out of game. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled.
Use Joystick 0
Joystick X Turns 0
Joystick Look Up/Down 6
Joystick Look Left/Right 3
Create Maps Enable 0
Screen Shot Enable 0 Enables or disables taking screenshots. 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled.
Screen Shot Base Name ScreenShot Sets the standard name that all screenshots will use. For example, Screenshot1, Screenshot23, etc.
Screen Shot Index 0
Beta Comment File N/A
Interior Cell Buffer 10 This is the maximum number of Interior cells loaded in RAM. Makes interior cells load faster if you already visited in the game session.
Exterior Cell Buffer 32 Same as Interior Cell Buffer but for Exterior Cells. Lower the Cell Buffers if you have less RAM, but it makes loading of already visited cells slower.
Number of Shadows 6
Maximum Shadows Per Object 1
MaintainImportedDialogueOrder 0
ExportDialogueWithHyperlinks 0
UseExistingTempFile 0
CanMoveInfosWhileFiltered 0
Editor Starting Cell N/A
Editor Starting Pos 0.000000,0.000000,16384.000000
Editor Starting Dir 0 1.000000,0.000000,0.000000
Editor Starting Dir 1 0.000000,-0.000000,1.000000
Editor Starting Dir 2 0.000000,-1.000000,-0.000000
Subtitles 1 Enables or Disables Subtitles when an actor speaks. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
ShowHitFader 1 Enables or Disables the red Fade effects around player when plyer gets hit. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
Werewolf FOV 100 Entry added by Bloodmoon. Sets the FOV when in Werewolf mode.




Name Default Value Description
Travel Siltstrider Red 238 Color of travel line for Silt Strider
Travel Siltstrider Green 230
Travel Siltstrider Blue 30
Travel Boat Red 30 Color of travel line for Boat
Travel Boat Red 30
Travel Boat Red 230
Travel Magic Red 30 Color of travel line for Guild Guides travel
Travel Magic Red 30
Travel Magic Red 0
Show Travel Lines 0 Enables or Disables travel lines. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled.

For example, after you've travelled from Seyda Neen to Vivec via Silt Strider, a line connecting Seyda Neen and Vivec appear on in-game map.

Note that there is no way to remove these lines once they are marked



Name Default Value Description
No CDROM Message Unable to find a CD-ROM/DVD drive on this computer. These are the messages that appear in the dialogue boxes when no CD could be found.
No CDROM Title CD-ROM Drive Not Found
Enter CD Message Insert the Morrowind CD into any CD-ROM/DVD drive.
Enter CD Title Morrowind CD Not Found


Name Default Value Description
Company Logo bethesda logo.bik These point to the video files that play during startup, on the main menu, and when a new game has been started.
Morrowind Logo mw_logo.bik
New Game mw_intro.bik
Loading mw_load.bik
Options Menu mw_menu.bik


Question 1

Name Default Value Description
Question On a clear day you chance upon a strange animal, its leg trapped in a hunter's clawsnare. Judging from the bleeding, it will not survive long.
AnswerOne Draw your dagger, mercifully ending its life with a single thrust?
AnswerTwo Use herbs from your pack to put it to sleep?
AnswerThree Do not interfere in the natural evolution of events, but rather take the opportunity to learn more about a strange animal that you have never seen before?
Sound Vo\Misc\CharGen QA1.wav

Question 2

Name Default Value Description
Question One summer afternoon your father gives you a choice of chores.
AnswerOne Work in the forge with him casting iron for a new plow?
AnswerTwo Gather herbs for your mother who is preparing dinner?
AnswerThree Go catch fish at the stream using a net and line?
Sound Vo\Misc\CharGen QA2.wav

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10



Weather Clear

Weather Cloudy

Weather Foggy

Weather Overcast

Weather Rain

Weather Thunderstorm

Weather Ashstorm

Weather Blight

Weather Snow

Weather Blizzard





Name Default Value Description
Model 0 BloodSplat.nif Model used for blood mesh
Model 1 BloodSplat2.nif
Model 2 BloodSplat3.nif
Texture 0 Tx_Blood.tga Textures used for blood mesh
Texture 1 Tx_Blood_White.tga
Texture 2 Tx_Blood_Gold.tga
Texture Name 0 Default (Red) Name of blood type as seen in drop-down menu in creature window in CS.

Corresponds to numbering of blood texture above

Texture Name 1 Skeleton (White)
Texture Name 2 Metal Sparks (Gold)




Name Default Value Description
Font 0 magic_cards_regular Default font
Font 1 century_gothic_font_regular Font used in console window
Font 2 daedric_font Daedric font used in scrolls and books


Name Default Value Description
color_normal 202,165,96 RGB values of default text color. Used for dialogue text, window headers, save name in saves list etc.

"_over" and "_pressed" suffix indicate font color when the mouse hovers over and clicks on the text, respectively.

color_normal_over 223,201,159
color_normal_pressed 243,237,221
color_active 96,112,202 Font color of active tab header in inventory, Active spell or enchantment.
color_active_over 159,169,223
color_active_pressed 223,226,244
color_disabled 179,168,135 Font color of inactive tab header in inventory, unequipped enchantment.
color_disabled_over 223,201,159
color_disabled_pressed 243,237,221
color_link 112,126,207 Font color of links in dialogue.
color_link_over 143,155,218
color_link_pressed 175,184,228
color_journal_link 37,49,112 Font color of links in Journal
color_journal_link_over 58,77,175
color_journal_link_pressed 112,126,207
color_journal_topic 0,0,0 Font color of text in journal and books including topic/quest list, page numbers
color_journal_topic_over 58,77,175
color_journal_topic_pressed 112,126,207
color_answer 150,50,30 Font color of choices or continue links in dialogue
color_answer_over 223,201,159
color_answer_pressed 243,237,221
color_header 223,201,159 Font color of section header in magic menu and stats menu. Also used as header color for item pop-up window
color_notify 223,201,159 Font color of Journal updates in dialogue
color_big_normal 202,165,96
color_big_normal_over 223,201,159
color_big_normal_pressed 243,237,221
color_big_link 112,126,207
color_big_link_over 143,155,218
color_big_link_pressed 175,184,228
color_big_answer 150,50,30
color_big_answer_over 223,201,159
color_big_answer_pressed 243,237,22
color_big_header 223,201,159
color_big_notify 223,201,159
color_background 0,0,0 Background color of all windows including inventory menu, stats menu, magic menu, progress bar window etc
color_focus 80,80,80
color_health 200,60,30 Color of Health bar, including enchantment charge in item pop-up window
color_magic 53,69,159 Color of Magicka bar
color_fatigue 0,150,60 Color of Fatigue bar
color_misc 0,205,205 Color of progress bar
color_weapon_fill 200,60,30 Color of weapon health bar below active weapon icon in bottom left of screen
color_magic_fill 200,60,30 Color of enchantment charge bar below active enchantment item icon in bottom left of screen
color_count 223,201,159 Font color of item count of items in inventory




Level Up

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