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Sources: MCP thread on Bethesda forum, BTB's Morrowind Mod List, Morrowind Code Patch Readme, UESP Wiki

Morrowind Code Patch
Version 2.1
Requirements Bloodmoon patch
Download Nexus, GHF, BitTorrent
Website N/A

The Morrowind Code Patch (or MCP) changes Morrowind's executable to fix many hardcoded bugs. It also offers tweaks and small upgrades that cover all areas of the game. MCP is widely considered to be essential for any installation of the game, with or without mods. It was created by Hrnchamd with the assistance of Psyringe.

The primary fix included in the patch is a large change to the savegame code to reduce the majority of crashes, corruption, and missing objects. It also makes the game properly respond to changes in your load list, making inserting and removing mods from savegames a lot safer.

Compatible with English, West European, Polish, Russian and Steam editions. Compatible with MGE, MGE XE, MWSE, MWE, 4GB Patch and FPS Opt 1.96. Not compatible with the Impulse/Gamestop download version, nor FPS Opt 2.0. The uncap options will break MADD Leveler mod, GCD mod, and likely any leveling mod not built with them in mind. The restore/drain attributes fix also breaks MADD Leveler.

The latest version is 2.1; version 2.2 is in beta testing. The patch comes with a demo plugin showcasing some of the features, but it wasn't updated since version 1.3. You don't need this demo to play the game.

Proper Order of Installing .exe patches

If you plan to use other utilities that patch Morrowind.exe, please follow this order to avoid problems:

  1. Official Bloodmon patch (not necessary for owners of GOTY and later versions)
  2. Morrowind Code Patch
  3. Timeslip's Exe Optimizer
  4. 4GB Patch - should be the last .exe patch applied

A more detailed walkthrough can be found in the Beginners Guide.


Before installation, make sure that your copy of Morrowind is patched to version One important note is that MCP won't work if you have already patched Morrowind executable with another third-party program. An infallible course of action is to always keep an unmodified backup copy of Morrowind.exe.

To install the patch, copy the contents of download into the main Morrowind folder (where Morrowind.exe is located), and then run "Morrowind Code Patch.exe" as administrator. A list of available bugfixes and gameplay changes will be presented, some of them being already selected by defaut (though all are optional). The program gives explanation of what each patch does, you might also wish to read the section below for more concise description. When you are content with the selection, press "apply chosen patches".

MCP will create a backup copy of Morrowind.exe before patching (called Morrowind.original.exe), but, again, it also may be a good idea to manualy copy the original executable and keep it in a different folder, in case of any mistakes.

If necessary, your BSAs (game asset files) will be redated to the time of the original release so that mods can override it correctly. The Steam version supplies the assets with the incorrect creation times, so the patch fixes it.

The next time you start Morrowind, at the main menu you should see MCP and the version number in the bottom left corner. Since the patch fixes bugs in Morrowind's lighting, you may need to re-adjust your brightness settings.


If you're upgrading from a previous MCP, use the "uninstall all" button in your current MCP first. Then extract the zip on top of the existing files, overwriting everything. After that run "Morrowind Code Patch.exe" again, choose the fixes you need and install them.

After starting Morrowind, confirm MCP is updated to the latest version by checking the version number in the bottom left of the main menu.

Optional fixes and game changes

Depending on a version, some of the following options may not be present. The list below describes all fixes/changes available as of version 2.2 (beta 15). For the sake of simplicity, the term "player character" ("PC") is substituted with "you", or sometimes "player".

Graphics changes

A few small extensions or modifications to the graphical part of Morrowind's engine.

  • Rain/snow collision - Makes rain and snow stop falling through static objects. The result is aesthetically pleasing, but increases CPU load during these weather conditions. The patch doesn't affect ash storms or blizzards. The author suggests to change weather settings in the .ini to make the effect more noticeable (see the description to learn which ones), but this isn't necessary.
  • Bump/reflect local lighting - With this fix, the intensity of shine of objects with bump and glow maps (including enchanted items) will be dependent on local illumination. Thus, the glow gets less intense as the light gets dimmer.
  • Over-the-shoulder third person camera - Positions the third-preson camera over the right shoulder.
  • Reduce camera clipping - Makes the third-person view stop zooming in for extreme close-ups every time an NPC or other object wanders too close to the "invisible camera man", so to speak.

Game mechanic changes

Changes in this category alter the way that Morrowind game mechanics work. Many of them change the feel of the game, making some things more unforgiving and retuning some badly designed mechanics. Some of these settings can have a dramatic effect on how you play the game.

  • Toggle sneak - Makes the sneak key toggle sneak on and off instead of having to hold it down.
  • Swift casting - Allows spellcasting from any stance via the "ready magic" button without having to put away your weapon and ready your hands. It makes controlling your character in combat easier, though some may argue that combat becomes less involving as a result. But you will still be able to ready your hands whenever you like, and this may even be necessary to cast scripted spells added by some mods.
  • Pickpoket overhaul - Successfull thieft is now dependent on your pickpoket skill and weight of the item to be stolen, which is not the case in vanilla.
  • Alchemy potion weight rebalance - Addresses a bug in potion weight calculation, thus making player-brewed potions heavier than usual on average (as they should be). Potion weight now depends only on total ingredient weight (instead of average in vanilla) and alembic quality. The new formula is: potion weight = (0.75 * total ingredient weight + 0.35) / (0.5 + alembic quality).
  • Enchanted item rebalance - This patch is twofold. First, it introduces a four-second cooldown period between using an enchanted item, and second, makes high enchant skill allow for much less charges on the said item than before. Enchanting is not overpowered anymore in comparison with usual spellcasting.
  • Item recharging rebalance - Doubles the success rate of using soul gems to recharge magic items and also sets a minimum guaranteed recharge percentage dependent on your enchant skill and stats. Vanilla recharging success chance and rate are too difficult and random.
  • Soulgem value rebalance - Soulgems are no longer overvalued. Vanilla Morrowind allows for prices like hundred of thousands septims for a powerful soulgem, which completely destroys the game economy, while with this patch they cost no more than ~7500. This is one of the essential fixes.
  • Arrow enchanting - Allows the enchanting of arrows, bolts, and throwing weapons.
  • Enchanting increases item value - Previously player-enchanted items cost the same as unenchanted ones, MCP takes care of this oversight.
  • On-use ring extra slot - This feature creates a third ring slot, for cast-on-use rings only, allowing you to use two constant effect rings along with a cast-on-use one. Handy.
  • Fortify mximum health- Changes the Fortify Health effect to increase both maximum and current health. This helps preventing a sudden death of a character when the effect ends, and also makes a constant fortify health enchantment useful. Warning: Remove active Fortify Health effects from the player character before activating this fix.
  • Racial variation in speed fix - Corrects an issue in which the baseline speed of larger races was higher than that of smaller races due to body scaling.
  • Argonian clothing choice - Makes Argonian females prefer to wear male versions of armor and clothing, to avoid looking like a mammal.
  • NPC AI casts zero cost powers - This feature increases difficulty of the game by allowing NPCs to cast racial powers (and other powers with the cost of 0), just like you.
  • Permanent barter disposition changes - This patch makes the disposition changes of merchants towards you for failed and successful bargains permanent rather than temporary.
  • Allow stealing from knocked out NPCs - The vanilla game prevents stealing from knocked out NPCs, giving the "you are in combat" message when you try it. This patch creates an unintended side-effect, which allows speaking with hostile NPCs if you manage to sneak up on them unnoticed.
  • Exhaust NPC with Damage Fatigue - Allows the Damage Fatigue effect to reduce fatigue below zero, which causes NPCs to collapse and lie on the floor until their fatigue rises above zero again.
  • Strength-based hand-to-hand damage - Allows your Strength to affect the damage done by bare-fisted attacks, where previously, it was based entirely on your Hand-to-Hand skill.
  • Spellmaking max. magnitude increase - With this patch, spell magnitude limit when making spells and enhanting items is increased to 500 from 100. This is rather unbalanced (with 499-strength fireball being the argument), but makes some effects more useful (primarily the Burden and the Feather).
  • Spellmaking max. duration reduced - Reduces spellmaker spell duration cap to 300 from 1440. Makes dragging the duration bar more precise.
  • Spellmaker/enchant multiple effects - Allows adding the same spell effect more than once to custom spells or enchantments, so that you can set them each with different parameters.
  • Spellmaker area effect cost - When determining a custom spell's cost, there's now a dependency between its magnitude and area of effect. Also, spells targeting large areas now cost significantly more.
  • Hidden traps - With this feature enabled, all visual indications of a trapped object are removed, and probes always use a charge when testing an object, even if there is no trap present.
  • Hidden locks - Turns off the display of locks, all you have to detect locks is the sound a locked object makes. The "lock too complex" and "successfully picked" messages are still present.
  • Detect life spell variant - Changes the Detect Animal spell effect to detect both NPCs and creatures, instead of just creatures.
  • Loud interface sounds fix - Tries to avoid extremely loud interface noises. Sets sounds that appear to be incorrect volume to play at minimum volume instead. Use it only if you are experiencing this problem, because the fix may affect more sounds than necessary.
  • Attribute uncap - Allows leveling of the eight main attributes past 100. This will be incompatible with leveling mods that have not been updated to cover stats over 100. Not compatible with Galsiah's Character Development mod.
  • Skill uncap - Allows leveling of player skills past 100. This will be incompatible with leveling mods that have not been updated to cover stats over 100. Not compatible with Galsiah's Character Development mod.

Mod related features

The features listed here mostly either require mod support to work or give more possibilities for modding the game. Some improve the gameplay on their own though.

  • Scripted music uninterruptible - This prevents combat and explore music from interrupting music that's being played via the StreamMusic command. Recommended for users of mods which add scripted music.
  • Inventory sounds for axes - This option allows axes to make their unique inventory sounds (for pick-up and draw), but requires a mod that adds sound IDs for axes. As of today, only Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul does this. If you enable this feature without it, axes simply wouldn't have inventory sounds.
  • Weapon resistance change - Enchanted weapons of low base quality (below dwarven) no longer bypass the "normal weapon resistance" that many creatures possess. Under the new rule, an enchantment of such a weapon (ex. fire damage) does hit, but the base weapon damage is not delivered.
  • Allow scroll enchant price modifier - Allows enchanting services NPCs to charge a different price for cast once items, like scrolls. However, this fix won't have any effect unless you also use a mod which edits fMagicItemOnceMult GMST (it adds a multiplier to said items). One such mod is BTB's Game Improvements.
  • Hi-def cutscene support - Allows mods to include cutscenes up to 2048x1024 (the default maximum was 640x480).
  • Improved animation support - Allows for higher quality animation mods.
  • Allow faction leaving - Allows the removal of a player from a faction, which can be used for creating interesting story twists in quest mods.
  • Service refusal filtering - Allows modders to filter service refusal by individual service type instead of "all or none".
  • "Talked to PC" extension - This change offers an additional way to give NPCs alternative replies for topics when they speak with you for the first time, by setting Talked to PC dialog flag only when you end a conversation (as opposed to just after the greeting in vanilla). This will cause dialogue problems with the very few mods that use multiple greetings to run scripts. e.g. Economy Adjuster - Merchant Skills. If you notice a greeting that loops forever, you should turn this option off.
  • Creature voiceover enable - Allows creatures to play Hello and Idle voiceovers. The fix is useful even without mods, since vanilla game has a few creatures with voice.
  • Lock level scripting - Modifies the GetLevel script command to additionally work on locked objects. This allows extra modding based on locked items.
  • Disable weapon transition on unequip - Skips the short "put away" weapon state on all unequip actions and when switching to hand to hand. Simplifies state detection with weapon mods.

Interface changes

Options for a more versatile user interface.

  • Map expansion (for Tamriel Rebuilt) - Makes the area shown on the world map approximately two times larger. This is pretty essential change, considering how many new lands mods are available. Includes 2x map zoom function.
  • Disable land smoothing - Makes the in-game world map appear more crisp and less blurry. This feature improves the appearance of world map zoom (see the fix above).
  • UI display quality fix - Makes the program stop deliberately misaligning the user interface, so that it appears blurrier than it should. Not compatible with MGE (but works with MGE XE).
  • Don't loot on dispose - You can now avoid picking up all the items on a body if you Ctrl-click the Dispose Corpse button. The items will disappear with the body.
  • Shortcut key improvements - This patch greatly improves game controls by making three simple changes to shortcuts: 1) the dialogue window, books, and scrolls can now be closed with Space; 2) full stacks of items are picked up by default and Shift-click instead opens the quantity menu; 3) when examining a container, all items may be taken at once by pressing the Ready Weapon key. The unfortunate side effect of this is that you cannot open the journal while the dialogue window is open, but it still worth it. Very much so.
  • Spell select by name - This patch make it easy for you to manage your spells (but not powers or magic items). While in inventory menu, pressing a letter will cycle through all spells starting with it. Holding the Ctrl key while pressing letters will cycle backwards through spells until the first spell starting with that letter.
  • Unrestrict menu size - Removes the resizing limits of the stats menu and magic menu, allowing you to use larger fonts, or see all skills at once.
  • Larger service/chargen menus - Makes repair, recharge, enchanting and birthsign menus larger. Requires a vertical resolution of at least 720 pixels.
  • Persuasion improvement - The persuasion dialogue option opens the persuasion menu over your pointer, instead of the center of the screen. Convenient.
  • Better ingredient and item selector - Changes the small and inadequate item selection window to a large list with labeled items. Affects selecting ingredients, enchanting items and the quick item menu. Highly recommended.
  • Better typography - Book pages have more words per line, and lines per page. The quest and topic list is wider, and wraps less. Scrolls have their text area increased to fill the available space as much as possible. If you are using a texture replacer for books or scrolls, you may have to adjust the texture so that it fits the same paper area as the original (many replacers do not do this).
  • Improved inventory filters - Redesigns inventory filters system for convenience. Magic filter now contains only scrolls, potions and soul gems and doesn't list worn equipment anymore, and misc. filter no more includes scrolls and soul gems. Weapons and apparel filters are not modified.
  • Ownership tooltip - Allows you to detect if items are owned by someone. When looking at an item, the tooltip window will display "Owned" or "Faction Owned". You might also wish to have a look at Smart Crosshair mod, which uses a different approach (the crosshair turns red if hovered over an owned item). Use only one or another, not both.
  • Display more accurate item weight - Makes the item tooltip display weight to two decimal places instead of one. It allows better assessment of some very light items, particulary potions, but may be aesthetically undesirable (it clutters item tooltips a bit). A matter of taste.
  • Journal text color configuration - Allows journal text to be set to colors other than black. Intended for use with replacement fonts. Usage: add the following to morrowind.ini: color_journal_topic: xx,xx,xx (where "xx,xx,xx" are R/G/B decimal values).
  • Vanity camera lock - Allows vanity camera to stay active after the key (TAB by default) is released. Camera controls are now unrestricted, so you can fully tilt up and down, and zoom out a large distance.


Adds greater compatibility for localized versions of Morrowind.

  • Main menu wider textures - This allows the use of longer words in translated menu button textures. This must be used with double width texture replacements for all of the main menu buttons.
  • Polish keyboard support - Allows typing of Polish characters in-game.
  • Japanese localization - Allows Japanese language fonts in dialogue. Some additional steps are required for this to work, please consult the readme for more information.
  • Russian fixes - Encompass two patches for Russian version of the game: 1st fixes detection of the Argonian race id, so that the unique Argonian swim animation will be shown properly; 2nd enlarges the width of the spell effect creator window (it was too narrow previously).

Bug fixes

Fixes the many bugs in Morrowind's code that otherwise could not be fixed from within the game engine. These options are all enabled by default.

  • Savegame corruption fix - The most important bugfix of MCP, it improves the save and load system of the game, preventing many sources of savegame corruption. This improvement gives the following advantages: 1) changing of the load order and adding mods to the savegame produces much less issues; 2) saving is cleaner, minimizing problems like missing NPCs and objects; 3) the game automatically cleans a savegame every time a mod is removed (similar to Wrye Mash).
  • Delayed spell crash fix Prevents a crash which occurs after you leave a cell where an NPC was still doing its casting animation. This insidious error manifests itself only 72 game hours later, when information on that NPC is being cleaned out.
  • Summoned creature crash fix - Prevents crashes from spell effects bound to creatures that have been unsummoned. As of version 2.2 beta 15, this change leads to a crash if your summoned creature kills you. It doesn't normally happen, so this patch is still recommended.
  • Initializing data fix - Fixes script errors with loading saved games during the initializing data phase. These errors include loading never completing, and the message "Unable to find ___ id" followed by corrupted text. It should also speed up this phase of loading.
  • Animated container crash fix - Fixes crashes from accessing animated containers by NPC merchants and a PC.
  • Light spell fix - Fixes several bugs with the Light effect, that caused excessive (3x) brightness and incorrect illumination of objects.
  • Mercantile fix - Merchants should no longer pay less for an item with your increasing mercantile skill. Enough said.
  • Unarmored fix - Unarmored skill now gives proper damage reduction when you are fully unarmored. Previously you had to wear at least one piece of armor to get any armor rating contribution.
  • Calendar fix - This adds the missing month of Morning Star into the game's calendar. It also gives each month the correct number of days.
  • Merchant equipping fix - Prevents merchants from equipping items you sell to them. Not only it meant that it was no longer possible to buy these items back, but also the visual effect was sometimes really ugly and out of place.
  • Restore/drain attributes fix - Makes Restore Attributes spells properly recognise Fortify effects when restoring. Restore Attributes spells now restore up to your fully fortified amount.
  • StreamMusic/master volume fix - The StreamMusic script command always set music volume to maximum, this patch prevents that. It also makes StreamMusic fade the previous track out instead of cutting immediately.
  • Loud armor/shield fix - Fixes the issue where occasionally hits on armor or shields were very loud compared to the volume you set in the options.
  • Level-up stats bug fix - Stats that would level to 100 or higher on levelup would get their multiplier reduced to 1 if the stat was on the left column of the level up window. This fixes it so the multiplier is always available. It also addresses a bug, where the UI would display two overlapped multiplier labels if an attribute had exactly 3 level-ups. It was not apparent unless the level-up multipliers were modded (for instance, by BTB in his Game Improvements mod).
  • Bound items expiry fix - When a bound item spell expires it no longer forces you into combat stance. Also, gloves, bracers, and shoes are now re-equipped correctly after an appropriate armor spell expires.
  • Fog of war fix - This fix stops the black areas of the map from randomly revealing large chunks of it that you've never been to.
  • Intimidate fix - Fixes disposition not increasing by minimum amount on successful intimidate actions (on marginal wins).
  • Stable enchantment sort - Enchantments in the spell menu always sort alphabetically instead of sometimes switching to sorting by inventory order.
  • PlaceAtPC/Drop fix - This patch makes dropped objects in third person mode land at the correct distance instead of at your feet. It also fixes Drop script command, so that it correctly drops items at the actor's feet, instead of near the player or where the player is looking.
  • Spell deselection bug fix - Stops your current spell from being deselected when an NPC or a creature unequips or uses up a magical item. This may also reduce the random spell deselection that occurs while traveling.
  • Calm spells fix - In vanilla Morrowind, Calm Humanoid and Calm Creature spells force the target out of combat, regardless of their magnitude. With this patch, NPCs and creatures leave combat only if they are sufficiently calmed.
  • Vampire stats fix - If you had constant effect items equipped when you became a vampire, your stats could be increased by more than they should have. This patch corrects them. It doesn't work if you are already a vampire.
  • Reflected spells fix - Without this patch, when you cast an absorb spell and it is reflected, you absorb from yourself and the enemy gets nothing. Now the enemy will absorb from you instead.
  • Show transparent clothes in the inventory - Allows clothes with transparent areas to show up properly on your character's figurine in the inventory window, instead of solid black masking where the transparent parts would be. Depending on video card and driver, this may rarely cause graphical issues, such as a occasional red tint over the screen.
  • Allow reflection effects on skinned models - Allows clothes and armor to have reflection maps and bump maps. It also prevents enchantments from overriding an existing reflection effect.
  • Enchant glow in fog fix - Enchanted items no longer turn white underwater, in dust storms or in fog.
  • Show NPC health bar on healing - Restore spells now activate the NPC's health bar as well, allowing you to see the effect of your healing.
  • Disposition fix - Prevents permanent disposition loss when speaking to an NPC under the influence of a personality fortification that would push their disposition over 100.
  • Spell magnitude fix - Spells with a variable magnitude (e.g. 5-10 pts.) which affect an attribute, skill or rating, would rarely ever achieve the highest (e.g. 10 pts.) magnitude when cast. Now the highest magnitude should have an equal chance to appear.
  • Dispel fix - Dispel is a chance-based effect, but it would invisibly stack with itself if cast multiple times, until any dispel would always succeed. This makes dispel work as described.
  • Creature armor damage fix - Creatures that didn't wield weapons but struck with their body wouldn't cause armor damage. This allows them to do so.
  • Inventory bugs fix - Fixes issues/crashes with inventory updates when using potions/ingredients via a quickslot and when a companion use Soul Trap (which caused your inventory to be overwritten with one of that NPC!). It also prevents items from sticking in the inventory when they were supposed to be removed by a quest or script.
  • NPC potion use AI - Potions used to be drunk without waiting for their effects to finish, meaning an NPC could go through its whole supply in a second. Potion drinking is now limited to once every 5-6 seconds game time. NPCs now also can drink magicka potions.
  • Blind fix - This makes the Blind effect give the player an attack penalty instead of a bonus...
  • Gloss map fix - Morrowind removed gloss map entries from model files after loading them. This stops Morrowind from doing so. The fix is only useful in conjunction with a mod which introduces actual models with gloss maps.
  • Lighting fixes group - Contains several changes to make light sources behave better: 1) dynamic lights illuminate terrain more smoothly; 2) moving actors are now properly lit; 3) excess lighting of a player is fixed; 4) lights are now properly illuminated by other lights in interiors.
  • Particle effects fix - Particle effects on weapons (e.g. Trueflame) no longer detach from the weapon model. Particle arrows and other projectiles are also fixed so that the particles stick to the arrow while moving.
  • Projectile aiming fix - Fixes the incorrect trajectories of projectiles when you aim them too far up or down. Also corrects the very bad aiming in 3rd person view.
  • Waterwalk fix - Prevents you from taking fall damage if you try to waterwalk on a body of water after falling into it.
  • Training price/stats fix - Corrects the price of training to be based on your base skill levels rather than their drained or fortified values. Training limit is now correctly based on the real skill level, instead of fortified/drained skill level. It also fixes a display bug which causes skill progress bar to be hidden if the fortified/drained skill level is above 100 but the base skill level is not.
  • Guild guide price fix - Guild guides displayed a price adjusted for mercantile skill but actually charged the base price. This fix makes them charge the adjusted price.
  • Createmaps fix - Causes the CreateMaps command to skip over interior cells, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete.
  • Better quality splash and title screens - Fixes color depth issues which reduced splash/title screen quality. This sounds simple but makes a world of difference.
  • Magicka display accuracy - Makes the in-game display for current magicka and magic item charges round down instead of up so as not to falsely indicate that you have more magicka or charges than you really do.
  • Spellmaker/enchant edit effect fix - Stops the spellmaking/enchant edit screens from constantly resetting the range of an effect to "on touch" whenever you edit it.
  • Save file limit warning - Warns you when you go to save and have a large number of save files (over 200) in the directory. If you have over 300 save files, Morrowind starts to experience memory corruption.
  • Alchemy potion name fix - Stops Morrowind from randomly claiming you should enter a name for a potion, when a name is present. It also prevents the game from resetting a custom potion name to default after you make one potion. Without this patch, making potions is extremely irritating process.
  • Multiple attribute fortify potions - Allows potions to have multiple fortify/drain attribute effects, where it would previously allow only one of the attributes fortified/drained due to a bug. This may not work 100% in a situation where every ingredient used fortifies more than one attribute (it can happen only with mods).
  • Blight storm disease fix - Disables the broken game mechanic in which blight storms occasionally add invisible, inactive blight diseases to your character.
  • Game formula restoration - This patch probably belongs more to "mod related features" category above, as it doesn't change gameplay by itself, but rather opens up new modding possibilities by fixing the game's formulae for calculating fatigue loss from spellcasting and the influence of Strength attribute on PC/NPC damage. Please consult the readme if you wish to know the exact formulae and relevant editable game settings (GMSTs).
  • Creature armor rating fix - Allows the Shield effect to give creatures an armor rating and therefore damage reduction, which ignores the usual cap. This is another feature that will have no actual effect unless/until mods take advantage of it.
  • Slowfall on companions fix - Prevents the Slowfall effect from killing your companions when moving from one cell to another.
  • Drain intelligence exploit fix - Prevents draining intelligence to zero from restoring any magicka when the drain wears off.
  • Mouseover menu display fixes - Doesn't display "Next rank" (blank, with all zeroes for stats requirements) for factions with less than 10 ranks that you are a max rank with. Corrects birthsign menu spell text ordering so spells and powers come under the correct headings.
  • Detect water level fix - Fixes script problems with being detected as underwater in a cell with no water. Useful for some mods ("Necessities of Morrowind", for example).
  • Armor indicator fix - Displayed armor rating now correctly updates when you cast a Shield spell or gain armor skill.
  • Repair item fixes - 1) Disable repair of bound items which isn't supported by the code and causes crashes and 2) fix an oversight where low fatigue would increase the chance of repairing an item and the amount repaired instead of decreasing it.
  • Book and scroll scaling fix - Makes books, scrolls and the journal scale to fit wider screens by examining the screen height instead of the width. Fixes issues with multi-monitor setups, where the book would be larger than the screen, with all buttons off-screen.
  • Hit fader fix - Prevents the red damage overlay (hit fader) from sticking on the screen when you change cells.
  • Water environment sound fix - Prevents the underwater sound effects from disappearing when you use a door from one underwater area, to another underwater area. Also the game now correctly uses sound effect IDs found in Morrowind.ini, NearWaterOutdoorID for nearby water in exteriors, and NearWaterIndoorID for interior water. Before it was using NearWaterOutdoorID for all water ambience.
  • Voiceover script functions fix - 1) Prevents StopSound command from muting all actor sound (voice and torch noise), so now it correctly mutes only specified sound ID. 2) Fixes the SayDone command to only trigger at the end of voiceovers. Previously it would also trigger on sounds from animation SoundGens (e.g. footsteps), and on any StopSound command.
  • PlaySoundVP volume fix - The PlaySoundVP and PlaySound3DVP commands ignored the volume parameter, because someone forgot to write the code for it. This adds supporting code.
  • Weapon reach issues - 1) Weapons can now have a shorter reach than 1.0 when modded; 2) Fixed fHandToHandReach Game Setting to apply to the player, as before it only worked correctly for NPCs.
  • Slow movement anim fix - Allows actors with very slow walk animations (<1 unit/sec) to load without causing animation errors.
  • Mod removal fixes - Re-activates script triggered objects after the script mod is removed from the load list. Solves problems like un-openable containers after mod removal.
  • Fix enchant options on ranged (weapons) - "Cast on Strike" enchantment is no more applicable to bows and crossbows, as they can never trigger it. Use enchanted arrows or bolts instead.
  • Prevent empty messages - Stops all empty notifications from appearing. Useful if you have a mod that turns off certain repetitive messages by making them empty.
  • Disintegrate fix - 1) Fixes the Disintegrate Weapon magic effect, which was causing no damage to weapons in full condition; 2) Disintegrate Weapon and Disintegrate Armor over time effects are converted into instant effect on hit, with the same net result. They were not working as intended due to rounding errors.
  • Incorrect inventory sounds fix - Gives a few actions more appropriate sounds: 1) drinking potions now use the drinking sound instead of the swallow sound; 2) pickup and drop sounds for axes were changed from bow sounds to blunt weapon sounds, and for throwing weapons they were changed from blunt weapon sounds to arrow sounds. Note: you can make axes use proper axe sounds with a mod (Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul) and MCP option "Inventory sounds for axes". For modders: drinking and swallow sounds are now attached to the player, allowing them to be detected with GetSoundPlaying script function.
  • Confiscated item fix - 1) Prevents guards from always taking items they have confiscated previously once you have paid the fine or done prison time. 2) Merchants will no longer seize items stolen from their faction containers in the past. They care only about their own belongings now. 3) Taking items owned by dead people no longer marks them as stolen, as it was originally intended.
  • Dropping from inventory fix - Fixes a very specific situation where dropping items to the ground while levitating or falling, and also in third person, would cause the item to be lost. The bug would cause the item to be placed near coordinates {0, 0, 0} which is almost always inaccessible.
  • Self-enchanting fix - 1) Corrects the chance of successfuly enchanting an item with multiple spell effects by yourself. A bug caused it to be much harder than intended. 2) Adjusts the enchanting UI to stay open if self-enchanting fails, to allow multiple attempts at the same enchant with spare soul gems.
  • Ammunition fix - Addresses the bug which caused the counter on ammunition inventory icons to display incorrect quantities when ammunition was filtered from view. While you couldn't use more ammunition than you really had, dropping it would drop the amount reflected on the inventory icon counter, instead of the real amount.
  • Placeitem fix - Correctly saves items placed by scripts into cells that the player has not visited yet. Previously the item would be placed, but the game would not save the new item unless the player has visited the target cell. Affects the PlaceItem and PlaceItemCell commands.
  • Creature magicka/fatigue fix - Addresses a glitch which often caused creatures' fatigue and magicka levels to drop significantly lower than their initial values after saving and reloading. This fix negates erroneous changes to creatures' fatigue and scales their magicka proportionally to Intelligence, with a different scale per creature type.

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