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You are very much welcome to add any interesting Morrowind-related sites you know of, including your own. Please feel free to edit existing descriptions as well.

All links were last checked on 31 August 2015.
The page was last updated on 2 October 2015.

Note: Due to the nature of this list, it is bound to be subjective and doesn't necessarily reflect general opinion.

The Morrowind internet community is large and prosperous, but very dispersed. This compendium attempts to list all interesting Morrowind-related internet sites, blogs, forums, picture galleries, fanfiction repositories and modding tutorials in order to provide easy means of navigation around this universe and introduce newcomers to our society. All internet sites of any worth related to Morrowind will be included, though in descriptions emphasis is made on MW modding (if applicable), the promotion of which is the main objective of this wiki.

Other large links lists on the web, in approximate chronological order, beginning from the latest.

We would also like to draw your attention to Pluto's Mod Recommendations for New Players, which is not actually a list of websites, but rather a comprehensive registry of links to recommended modlists, installation guides, and tools.


The Cornerstones of the Community

  • Great House Fliggerty - An old and influential MW community portal, created by esteemed Fliggerty. See the main Morrowind subforum for discussions about all aspects of the game (the focus is on modding though). Many modders have their own forum sections, which is handy if you are looking for plugins made by a certain person: link. GHF has a respectable mod repository, which is detached from Morrowind Modding History. There is also an interesting fanfiction section.
  • Morrowind Modding History - The largest Morrowind mod bank on the web, it has at least five times more plug-ins than Nexus. Created and managed by several dedicated individuals led by Fliggerty, who performed a large-scale data recovery when Planet Elder Scrolls site started to crumble, and thus prevented what could possibly be a mortal blow to this community.
  • NexusMods - The primary mod repository service these days. Most modders release their plug-ins on this site. It also has a rather active forum. A modder may want to have a look into software discussion board for some useful info on 3d modelling and 2d imaging. There's also really neglected Nexus Wiki Morrowind section.
  • Official Morrowind forum - The lion's share of discussions about modding Morrowind happen here. Visit also Lore forum there - it will provide you with a lot of information regarding Morrowind storyline, religion, customs, cosmology - you name it!
  • OpenMW - Is a future of this game, something that will make it "new" one more time. OpenMW team has embarked on a quest of making an open-source and bug-free version of Morrowind, which will allow for much greater modability and take full advantage of modern computer hardware and software. And they certainly achieved much! Watch these fantastic videos by Scrawl and WeirdSexy to get inspired. Visit also the project's burgeoning wiki for the indepth technical information. A user has already completed the main quest in OpenMW, which speaks for maturity of the project. Of special interest is the team's parallel undertaking, OpenCS - the new editor which will give modders an unprecedented level of freedom in their creative endeavors. We keep our fingers crossed.
  • Reddit Morrowind board - A very active chat-like forum. Lots of interesting discussions happen here: people talk about their gameplay experiences, troubleshoot new players' issues, debate mods, exchange ideas, link their internet finds etc. Basically it is a meeting place for sharing everything Morrowind-related. Some really fascinating things can be found here, for instance this discussion about decoding Sottilde's Code Book. You might also be interested in much more serious TES lore, TES funfiction and a little neglected MW modding subreddits.
  • Tamriel Rebuilt - Many titles that have left significant mark in the history of the videogames industry have fan-driven projects to fulfill the ideas that were cut out during development. The Tamriel Rebuilt team, which started their work even before the game was released in 2002, aims to create mainland Morrowind landmass, which is approximately three times larger than Vvardenfell, the central island of the province - something that Bethesda planned from the beginning. The project was very successful so far, and contributes a lot to the continued interest in TES III.
  • The Imperial Library - This is the main hub for all TES lore fans. Started in 1998, this site features the complete collection of ingame texts from all Elder Scrolls titles, supplemented with numerous indepth studies submitted by librarians. The amount of material there is astounding, covering georgaphy, history, religion, language, calendar, ethnology and politics of Tamriel. Visit The Storyboard to participate in active discussions about gameplay and lore of TES games, take part in roleplaying, read fan fiction, or even submit your own.
  • UESP wiki - Your #1 guide in Morrowind world. Contains detailed info on gameplay and setting; characters and quests; cheats and bugs; as well as reviews, screenshots, trivia and more. Visit UESP Morrowind subforum for discussion regarding gameplay and modding. Of special interest is UESP modding section and the CS function list.

Other community portals

  • Emma's Elder Scrolls Site and forum, run by Emma and friends. This is a well-disposed and agreeable community with a lot of interest in companion plug-ins. Several modders (Kateri, Robert, Vorwoda and several others) have well presented dedicated personal pages here. Naturally, one can found respectable amount of reference information on modding on this site, especially on modding companions, gathered by Emma and other people over the years.
  • Fort Elder Scrolls - A young TES portal with a strong focus on Morrowind, especially on modding it. A new iteration of Morrowind Crafting mod by Drac and Toccata is being produced here.
  • Less Generic NPC - Or LGNPC for short, is one of those "must have" mods that have found permanent home in many players' load lists. For those who still doesn't know, the project attempts to breathe a new life into the people of Vvardenfell, give them backgrounds, emotions and agendas. Many NPCs who were nothing more than animated objects before (which is understandable, though none the less unpleasant drawback of this huge open-world RPG), now have so much more to say about themselves, their neighbours and surroundings. Not only that, LGNPC provides many hours worth of well-written lore-friendly quests. Due to some technical issues, the team's forum was closed, but the work still goes on, even after so many years!
  • ModDB - This renowned site, well-suited for hosting large projects, features a small collection of Morrowind mods, which was divided in two categories, larger mods and smaller addons.
  • Morrowind Modding Showcases Forums - The all-new and energetic community site launched by Darkelfguy primarily to accommodate the ongoing ModTown 2015 project, which gathered a team of modders who work together to create a monument to our community for future generations to marvel at. Thanks to the staunch leadership of Darkelfguy and Melchior Dahrk, and superior organization, ModTown2015 is going to be the first succesfull project of this type since 2004. The site is also a place to go to watch and discuss the famous Morrowind Modding Showcases and interviews by Darkelfguy.
  • Morrowind Mythic Mods - This legendary site is virtually an inexhaustible spring of Morrowind modding knowledge. True, the information there is somewhat outdated, but nowhere else will you find such expansive collection of Morrowind-related material, besides UESP Wiki and Imperial Library. The enormous Telesphoros' List o'Mods, hosted there, reviews all of the best available (by 2009) MW plug-ins; Gluby's guides to a modded Morrowind provide much-needed help to anyone who want to experience a stable and enjoyable modded game; Finally, The Elder Scrolls archives contain several hundred forum threads created before 2005. This is just a portion of what you can find there. The site is highly recommended.
  • Project Tamriel - Morrowind modding is famous for its enormous long-term province projects (see Tamriel Rebuilt), and Project Tamriel nowadays is the main hub for all such mods other than TR. Two of them, Province: Cyrodiil and Skyrim: Home of the Nords, are more developed than the others, yet all are being worked on.
  • High Rock 427 - The province that is very dear to every Daggerfall player, High Rock, has a solid chance to appear on TES III map at some point of future thanks to efforts of this team. Check their forum for some nice screenshots of completed resources. Old forum is here.
  • Lyithdonea: The Azurian Isles - This huge, renowned mod by Melchior Dahrk has recently gotten a dedicated forum under Project Tamriel's roof. It doesn't follow official lore like the other four included here, but don't let this turn you off, for Lyithdonea is beautiful.
  • Province: Cyrodiil - This grandiose project aims to recreate the Imperial province in Morrowind. Do not expect to see a copy of Cyrodiil from TES IV here, though. The authours have their own vision of it and follow the lore more strictly than even Bethesda itself. A portion of the province, the island of Stirk, is already available for download, and we can hope to see more soon, considering how active is this group. Those who are interested may also wish to visit the group's old forum, where they can find several tutorials written by members, among other things.
  • Skyrim: Home of the Nords - Another province-creating effort, this project is about realization of the northernmost region of the Empire in TES III. Just as with other similar projects, the developers do not feel bound to Bethesda's interpretation, but build the province according to their own understanding of lore. Have a look at the fruits of their hard work: screenshots & introduction, 1st release.
  • Steam Morrowind forum - This board is used mostly for solving issues of technical nature (especially related to Steam version of the game and MGSO) and general discussions. Lots of new players here. One of the attractions is the thread for discussing flaws of Morrowind, which has scored over 6,000 replies already.
  • The Assimilation Lab - Another active TES community for all TES games as well as other games by Bethesda, and Total War games. TAL also allows for the uploading of mods, as well as wiki hosting; which is where this very wiki is hosted. There's also a GitLab for project repositories.
  • The Elder Scrolls Wiki - Hosted on Wikia. Although Morrowind-related information isn't plentiful, it is useful nevertheless.
  • Wolflore - A community site run by Jac and Elaura. Visit Morrowind subforum for discussions about modding and troubleshooting the game, and check out mod releases and fanfiction sections. The site specialities are adult-only subforum and Morrowind modding history adult files repository.

Modders' personal sites

  • Abuse My Nipples Dot Biz - A site belonging to BTB, who is famous for his special humour, his Game Improvements mod and a comprehensive conflict-free list of recommended mods.
  • Alien Void - By Midgetalien, an incredibly hard-working modder, who released a total of 132 (!) mods and resources on GHF. Now this is what we call productivity! The author is observed to be especially partial to Solstheim and Skyrim - releated themes.
  • Azura's Touch - By Rolf. The author is constantly working on a large mod, Azura's Touch, and released several versions during the course of several years. Here is the forum thread of his project.
  • John's Morrowind Fan Page - By John Kahler, a very industrious and skilled modder, who doesn't fancy advertising his work on Morrowind Nexus. The complete and up-to-date collection of his plug-ins is only available at this site, and his Deviant Art page. A few of his mods are not safe for work.
  • Max's Code - By Max Shawabkeh, better known in close Morrowind circles as Max a.k.a. "NOOBDY", one of the more prolific modders of yore. His site is still up and running, and all of the author's work is available for download, including such popular plug-ins as "Windows Glow" and "Complete Morrowind".
  • Melchior Dahrk's Realm - A blog which belongs to Melchior Dahrk, one of the most recognizable figures in the community. From time to time he updates it with fresh portion of screenshots and videos of his awe-inspiring landmass project, Lyithdonea, and occasionaly of his other creations. There are also some links to other MW blogs and sites. MD's Deviant Art Profile is here.
  • Morrowind is Home - A personal site of Abot, the modder who brought scripting in Morrowind on entirely new level and the author of many groundbreaking plug-ins. His site is a great find for any modder, as it contains a wealth of valuable information on Morrowind tools and scripting (including numerous guides written by Abot himself), choice selection of links for modders, and, of course, his own works.
  • PeterBitt's Google+ page - Reveals this modder's wonderful works to the interested reader. His name is associated with such popular mods as Morrowind Watercoloured and Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul, and many smaller, though non-the-less brilliant projects. PeterBitt is a staunch advocate of preserving vanilla Morrowind artistic feel, and gives really strong arguments for this - watch his page to be persuaded! You'll need a google account to be able to, though.
  • Praedator's Nest - Praedator is a member of the province modding crowd, and his site naturally features a wealth of screenshots showing the amazing new sites of Skyrim an Cyrodiil, which are being realized on TES III engine. There is also a lot of material on the author's expansive City of Balmora project.
  • Scamp's Grotto - Scamp is one of the leading figures of two province mods, Skyrim and Cyrodiil, and his page is a good start for anybody who want to be acquainted with them, as the author regularly provides tasteful screenshots and reviews showing his team's progress.
  • Slof's Lair - AlienSlof's place. Warning: no children allowed! If you have problems with homosexuality you'd better stay well away from it, too! That's because AlienSlof, a prolific TES modder, is really keen on it! She is an artist by trade and released many beautiful mods (again, NSFW). For Morrowind that would be Goth Shop I and II, Better Beasts and many others. You can find all of them here, as well a many fanfiction stories written by Slof and her friends. And some really erotic pictures, too.
  • Starwarsgal's Morrowind Modding Mayhem - Starwarsgal (also known as Markelius) is one of the most prominent members of our community and the author of many outstanding mods, such as Skies IV. On her blog you can find screenshots of her two massive ongoing projects, Stros M'Kai (that's right, it is about recreation of TES Adventures: Redguard) and Morrowind, a Detailed World, which is an ambitious landscape overhaul. Visit these official forum threads for more information: first, second.
  • The Mad Wizard's Workshop - A modding blog of cml33 (Clyle), which the author fairly often updates with releases of his fine mods and also with the news from the community.
  • Uvirith's Legacy - Stuporstar's Morrowind mods page. All kind of information about Uvirith Legacy plug-in can be found here, including exhaustive walkthroughs, screenshots, mod compatibility notes and more. While UL is the author's most popular work, her other great mods should not be overlooked. Visit this section of the page to get them.

Other personal pages & blogs

  • Morrowind Expanded - A blog by David Haden which holds very detailed, if a little outdated (2012) installation guide. The author suggests interesting set of mods and gives some technical advice. Secondly, he offers a tutorial for installation of Arktwend - a total conversion for Morrowind. This guide is also outdated as the newer version of the mod came out (3.2), but a reader may want to have a look at it for some nice screenshots, recommended replacers, Arktwend walkthrough and some technical details. For the scientifically-minded, there's a collection of works on psychology and psycholinguistics related to Morrowind and other TES titles.
  • The Book of Ataniel - Some Morrowind hints and tips, reviews and links here from Lora. Severely outdated.

Inactive community sites

  • Morrowind City Project - The home of City of Jarvik (also called Yarwich) project, which started in 2006. This Victorian England themed mod with a steampunkish touch to it aimed to add a large chain of islands with beautiful and enormous city built almost exclusively with new models. Have a look at these trailers to get a general idea of it: 1, 2. Unfortunately The Wanderer had to discontinue the project due to the lack of manpower. Here is the latest pre-alpha recrtuitment release.
  • RPG - This forum, maintained by Baratheon79, is pretty much dead, unfortunately, but you can still find some useful info in several years old threads, as well as some mods, primarily by Baratheon79 himself.

Morrowind on Youtube

  • Morrowind Modding Showcases - A youtube channel of DarkElfGuy, who is weekly producing videos showing some of the best Morrowind mods. Even a seasoned gamer will probably find something new every episode! There are also interviews with some MW modders which give a fantastic opportunity to hear the people who share your hobby! DElf has also gathered a considerable collection of Morrowind-related Youtube videos. Morrowind Modding Showcases also have a Tumblr blog.
  • SorcererDave channel - This popular youtuber makes some Morrowind-related videos from time to time, primarily "Let's plays". He has nice narrative style and a pleasant voice, and a real passion for this game. TES III playlists are in this section. An absolute must-see is the video, in which the author gives very strong arguments in favor of Morrowind design and game mechanics: Why you should still play Morrowind 14 years later.

Modding tools

Refer to Mod Makers Tools for Morrowind at for in-depth (if a little outdated) information on available tools.

Modding tutorials

Here is the selection of modding tutorials (which haven't been copied to this Wiki) that we have found especially useful. The most important sources for it are Miltiades' thread and Larissa Mem's List of Morrowind Tutorials at the official forum.

  • Animation
Animating Activators in 3ds Max 4 for Morrowind - TumbleDumpling
Animating Faces - B. E. Griffith
Animating Morrowind Heads Glowmaps by Regan
Animating Using Blender by Arcimaestro Anteres
Segmented Animation - A How-to Guide by Lady E
  • NPCs, companions and pathgrids
FAQ - Companions by Emma
Companion 1.3 in-depth, for the technically inclined, by Grumpy
Companion project 1.3 by Grumpy - Companion templates.
Making an NPC patrol a set route by ManaUser
Making a Merchant - A little obsolete, but useful nevertheless.
NPC Creation Tutorial
Pathgridding for Dummies in Morrowind by Haplo
Path Grids - A Quick Tutorial by Darkelfguy
Race Creation Tutorial by SirLuthor - Use Internet Archive to download documents.
  • Dialogue and quests
Basic quest tutorial by Skydiver
Basic "unique" dialogue by Turelek
Comprehensive Dialogue for Morrowind
Dialogue Basics by Calislahn
Dialogue tutorial by SriKandi
NPC Scripting by Rukinea - Covers Scripting, Dialogue, and Quests.
Quick Guide to writing successful Morrowind NPCs
Sample Quest Dialogue Tutorial by Darkness of Light
  • General Construction Set tutorials
Bulk Item Import with MWEdit by Latendresse76
Complete Guide to the Construction Set by Indigo
Easy way to use resource mods by Calislahn
How do I load a Mesh in TES? By Lady E - A basic introduction to the way .nif and animation files get slotted into the CS.
Item Placement and Rotation Tutorial by Seneca
Making new spells and enchantments using editor by Olsor
Morrowind Construction Set by Darcon
Morrowind Journal System - An on-line record of All CS Journal Entry Codes.
Setting up new clothing or armour by Calislahn
SriKandi's Item Index
Summon Creation tutorial by TumbleDumpling
Voice files list by Qqqbbb
Wrye Modding Notes
  • Interiors
Build a house tutorial by Calislahn
CS: Modeling and Cell building using the Grid - your first House
Interior tutorial by Haplo - Here's another variant by SamirA.
My First Room by DragonSong
World building - A brief guide to creating your own dungeon using the Construction Set.
UESP Wiki Editing Interiors
  • Landscaping
Complete Guide to Exterior Modding by Haplobartow - A tremendous landscaping resource, with many tips about how to make an effective and realistic exterior space. Here is the old version, which interestingly preserved all pictures, unlike the newer one.
Land Creation Tutorial by Shaden
Landscape Editing by Olsor - A short but clear guide to placing land, texturing it, and landscaping with objects from the CS.
Landscape Editing by Secretchip and Corvidae - A brief introduction to landscaping.
TES CS: Modding Tips Landscape Editing by Igiss
  • Modelling and texturing
Alpha Transparency Tutorial by Nigedo - A helpful introduction to alpha channels (the technique used to make semi-transparent or transparent items).
3ds Max 7 To Morrowind
Blender tutorials by Dave Javis
Blender tutorials: Noob to Pro
Creating Folds in Photoshop by Silaria- Explains how to create the illusions of folds and draping in fabric.
Creating Hair Textures From Scratch by Lochnarus
Creating Inventory Icons With Photoshop by Gaticus - A small utility (a photoshop macros) and a mini tutorial.
Detail maps - not a proper tutorial, but still very helpful thread.
General Guide to Texture Photography by DJGamer
GIMP Texture Tutorial by Eldarion
Guide to Nifskope Shenanigans by Autoclock
Hexediting Transparency by Detritus
How I model weapons for Morrowind - Milkshape tutorial.
How do glow maps work? - FAQ by Korana.
How to add bump map to a mesh in Nifskope by Lougian - Very recent.
How to make a lava texture quickly by Lougian - for Photoshop users.
Face Texturing for Morrowind - Human Faces by Lochnarus
Layered Normal mapping by Drakkmore
Making Simple Recolors by Silaria - An extremely clear guide to exactly what the title advertises--changing the color of any object using an image program (especially Paint Shop Pro).
Magic Effect Modelling by Rockgamerz - Explains how to model particle effects.
Making a shirt by Neuman
Making shoes by Neuman
Modelling a sword in Blender
Modelling Tips Explained
Morrowind Weapon Export Tutorial
NIFLA - NetImmerse File Format: Liberation Association
Phijama's 3D Wisdom - Partial reflection maps and Self sheathing swords tutorials.
Proper NIF handling practices by Tarius
Putting Your Face Into Morrowind by Bravo1
Reflections and Bump mapping for Morrowind by Drakkmore
Skinning Tutorial by SriKandi
Sword Modelling Tutorial by McMornan - For the owners of 3D Studio Max.
Texturing for Dummies...and not-so-Dummies by Bravo1 and Calislahn
The Almighty NIF importer by Dongle
Tutorials for Milkshape 3D
UV texturing in Blender
Weapon (Dagger) Modelling in 3DS Max by Xanthros
  • Scripting
Making a Preconfigured ESP by Spirithawke
Morrowind Construction Kit Commands
Scripting Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls by Josh
So you want to start scripting? By ElrikM
UESP Wiki Formatted MessageBoxes- How to format message boxes.
UESP Wiki Scripting Basics
UESP Wiki Scripting Pitfalls
  • Multi-categorical
Abot's modding articles
General TES Construction Set - Old forum threads archive
ES Forum Archive
Klinn's Advice to New Morrowind Modders
Morrowind Mods Tutorials
Thanos Tower
Yacoby's Morrowind
  • Other
Awesome Grass Tutorial by Scamp
Creating ESM-Files
MGE XE Shaders - Library and Development - Making shaders for MGE XE.
Morrowind Modder's Resource Directory by Redwoodtreesprite - Very outdated, but still can be useful.
Some Thoughts on Packaging Your New Mod by ThreadWhisperer
TESCS Fix for Steam GotY edition
  • Video tutorials
Let's mod Morrowind by Darkelfguy
Making an Icon for Morrowind with
Method for downgrading weapons from Oblivion to Morrowind - Only legal if the mesh is 100% user-made.
Morrowind construction set tutorial by pancakekingdom - Teaches how to add items to an NPC.
Rob van der Lee tutorials

Tutorials for mod-users

The list of interesting tutorials which haven't been copied to this Wiki. Some of them are very old.

  • Text tutorials
Baphomet's Morrowind Mod Install Guide
Companion Usage by Grumpy - Gives advice on how to use your companions efficiently and avoid some frustrations.
Finding and using mods by Ronin49
Grumpys' Mod Installation Tutorial
How do I install mods? By Korana
Morrowind Gameplay Guide by Trainwiz
Morrowind Load Order Tutorial by Yacoby
Morrowind Modding Guide by Knots
One method for installing Morrowind Mods by ThreadWhisperer
Starting Out With Mods by Ronin49
UESP Wiki Mod Conflicts article
What the hell is a GMST? By Argent
Wrye Notes: Doubling Explained - The definitive explanation of doubling, including a very brief explanation of why in some circumstances you can see "doubling" in the CS while modding.
  • Video tutorials
Merging Levelled Lists in Wrye Mash

Foreign sites


  • Adamantium Tower (Adamantytowa Wieza) - The authors of this site went into great depths describing elements of the game, including spells, artefacts, alchemical ingredients, guilds and every other aspect of Morrowind (often with nice illustrations). Pretty serious collection of mods was spotted.




  • RPG Italia - A large videogames portal. Morrowind forum was pulled down, but a small repository of MW mods (30 files) still exists.



  • Clockwork City - Contains lots of useful game information for Polish players. No mods here.
  • InSkyrim - More game information, again no mods (for Morrowind, that is).


(Описания даны с точки зрения пользы для играющего в Морровинд)

  • Annals of Tamriel (Летописи Тамриэля) - This site is most concerned with lore, being somewhat of an analogue of The Imperial Library. Here you will find (if you can read Russian) lots of articles about all aspects of the game, research submitted by lore masters and enormous guide to Vvardenfell, with an article for every town. Their forum pretty huge. Here's a page with user-submitted plugins (links in the top right corner are categories of mods). Если вы увлекаетесь вселенной TES, ее историей и мифами, вам наверняка понравится этот сайт. Преданные своему делу ЛОРоведы и другие энтузиасты собрали здесь немало статей, которые позволят вам приобщиться к тайнам Тамриэля. Особо отметим представленный на сайте путеводитель по Вварденфеллу с любовным описанием каждого города. На сайте есть очень активный форум, жаль только нет отдельного раздела для Морровинда. Имеется большая база плагинов.
  • Chaos Heart (Сердце Хаоса) - The official site of the famous Morrowind overhaul project with the same name. The latest version is 1.6, and the work is still going on! Официальная страничка знаменитого проекта Сердце Хаоса. Последняя версия на сегодняшний день 1.6, и работа все еще продолжается!
  • ElderScrolls.Net - A fan-site with some gameplay info, patches and a little fanfiction. The forum used to be very active, but not anymore. Ранее один из крупнейших ресурсов, посвященных Морровинду, ныне этот фансайт уделяет ему весьма мало внимания. В файловом архиве присутствуют в основном лишь патчи к игре, кроме этого собрана небольшая коллекция произведений фанатов. На форуме уже почти никто не постит, хотя в старых обсуждениях можно найти много интересного.
  • Falca's Morrowind page - Falca is mostly famous for translating a huge number of mods to Russian, but she also made several by herself. Although she stopped working on mods a while ago, the interested player can still visit her page to see some of her creations. Falca перевела на русский множество модов и сделала несколько сама. Хотя она больше и не занимается модами, вы все еще можете заглянуть на эту страничку, чтобы посмотреть на плоды её творчества.
  • Fullrest - The most popular and still very active Morrowind related Russian site. It holds great number of mods generated by Russian Morrowind community during its existence. Several talented modders were given special subforums which they regularly update with their progress on various projects. Visit our wiki's page for more information and additional links. Fullrest - самое популярное (и до сей поры весьма активное!) русскоязычное интернет-сообщество по Морровинду. Интересно своей огромной базой плагинов, а также форумом для моддеров, которые непрестанно трудятся над созданием своих новых замечательных творений.
  • Modding The Elder Scrolls (MTES) - Pretty active site which evolved from a personal blog of Red Witch. Quite a lot of plugins here, and some of them are fairly new. Весьма активный сайт, созданный на базе личного блога Рыжей ведьмы. Здесь собрана внушительная коллекция плагинов. Примечательно, что многие из них совсем новые.
  • The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim at - A friendly and fairly active community of TES players. This is just one big forum. Дружелюбное и достаточно активное сообщество игроков. Сайт представляет собой один большой форум.
  • Tiarum - This is the wiki dedicated to gathering knowledge concerning playing and modding all TES games. Previously known as RumorWiki, the site has a long history and amassed huge amount of material, which makes it someways comparable to the UESP. Tiarum has a very good collection of manuals and guides on Morrowind modding, you can find them here. And here is their collection of internet links. Tiarum - крупнейшая русскоязычная интернет-энциклопедия по вселенной Древних Свитков. Она послужит вам прекрасным помощником в решении любых проблем, с которыми вы можете столкнуться играя в Morrowind. Также здесь собрана отличная подборка материалов по плагиностроению.
  • Way in Oblivion - Presents a hefty collection of walkthroughs and a bit of lore-related material. It doesn't have a forum nor a file database. На сайте представленно множество гайдов по прохождению игры и немного материалов по лору. Нет ни форума, ни базы плагинов.


Around Morrowind: Art & Other


  • "Art" and Stuff - A blog by Darya, who loves to mod (just not Morrowind) and draw. Check her page for some nice pictures and gifs. And, while you are there, venture out into esoteric realm of the Elder Scrolls lore, where the author feels right at home!



  • Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG - A free fan-made pen&paper d100 RPG by Seht. It features "toolbox" approach, which means that it is not bound to any place, era or story within the Elder Scrolls setting. The game, heavily inspired by Morrowind, is already complete and quite playable, but the development is still very active. Game books are written very professionally and tastefully illustrated. Grab the latest revision here.