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Wiki's are designed to be easily edited, with every page having an edit button available to all. Including those who have not yet created an account. This guide is to help those who would like to make an edit, but do not know how to.

Note: Currently Morrowind Modding Wiki is set up so that you will need to have an account to be able to edit.

The Process

When you see an error, or you feel that a page is lacking in information, you should click on the page's edit button. If you don't have an idea of what you would like to edit, then you can visit the task list page for tasks that need to be worked on. You do not need to ask permission with anyone to be able to proceed to make your edit.

The Edit Box

When you click on the edit button, you will be brought to that page's edit page. The main feature of this page will be the edit box. This is where you will be making your changes to the page, and clicking the save page button will make the changes to the page itself. Clicking the show preview button will allow you to view the final page before committing. You can preview the page as many times as you like.

To get yourself familiar with how this wiki formats its pages, visit the style guide. If you don't know how to create some of the formatting like italicizing words, then visit the formatting guide.

When you have finished your edit, it is advised to type in a summary of your changes in the summary box underneath the edit box. This is so that other editors can, at a glance, see what you have done. Then you can click the Save page button to publish your changes.

Minor Edits

You can flag your edit as a minor edit. This is for edits that do not make any changes to the information on the page, for example:

  • Grammatical changes
  • Adjusting the layout and position of images
  • Adding or removing categories
  • Adding or removing templates

New Pages

If you feel that the information that you want to add is distinct from any existing pages on the wiki, then you could create a new page. Just as with editing an existing page, you do no need to ask permission, but you could discuss it with others if you're unsure on whether the new page is necessary.

Using Internal Links

A new page can be created by following a link to the non-existent page from another page. This is actually the preferred method as it ensures that there is at least one other page that links to it.

Using the Search Page

A second method of creating a new page is to search for it using the wiki's search function. The search will of course fail, but (providing that you're signed in) the page will have a red link asking if you would like to create the new page.

Using the URL

A final method is by using the wiki's URL. By editing the URL like so:

Then you will be taken to the new page with the option to create it. Keep in mind that spaces in the page title need to be replaced with an underscore "_". So a page with the name New Page will need to have its URL end with New_Page.