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A namespace is a prefix before a colon in the page title. They are useful for organizing our pages. When creating new pages, please assign the page to the correct namespace. If you are unsure as to which namespace to put a page in, consult the table below. If you are still unsure, then do not assign a namespace and continue to create the page and content. This will automatically place the page in the {Main} namespace. Another user can then assign a namespace if needed.

Current Namespaces

Namespace Usage
{Main} All pages without a namespace in the title belong in this namespace. All "normal" pages are to be assigned to the {Main} namespace.
Category Used by all category pages like Category:Stubs.
Morrowind Modding Wiki Used by pages that concern the wiki itself (e.g. this page or the Morrowind Modding Wiki:About page.
Template Used by templates.
User All personal user pages are assigned to this namespace.