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The wiki's style guide is intended to be used to help editors to edit and create pages that follow the presentation that we are looking for. Having all pages follow a series of rules for presentation will help readers find the information they require. As well as present a more professional and organized look.


For spelling and grammar, the wiki uses American English. This is so that spelling is consistent with what is found within Morrowind.

Lead Section

The lead section (also known as the introduction) is the few paragraphs of text that appears at the top of the page, but before the contents box. The lead section is meant to provide an overview of the topic, by defining what it is and why it's important. As well as highlighting the important sections within the topic.


Correct formatting for a page can improve legibility. Bolding, italics, and lists are there to make text pop out to the reader. This is especially important if the reader is skimming the page to find the relevant information that they are seeking.


  • Bold the first instance of the page's title in the introduction, as well as any alternative names or abbreviations (Planet Elder Scrolls (abbreviation: PES))
  • Bold the first instance of an important concept or topic
  • Bold the word or phrase being defined in a list, even if the word or phrase is a link
  • Avoid using bold for general emphasis, save it for more specific uses


  • Italicize the name of any books or ships, both real and fictional
  • Italicize directories and folder names, but not file names (C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind)


  • If providing a definition or description of the list item, use a hyphen ('-') to split the item and the definition/description. The first word of the definition/description must be capitalized.

Avoid Cluttering Links

Links are an important tool for allowing the user to gather more information from across the wiki.

Using too many links can be distracting and make the page harder to read. Links also need to make sense within the context of the page and text.

Occasionally, a section may only be a small snippet of another page. When linking to this page it is better to do so like this just underneath the section's header:

Main article: Getting Started

This will not only inform the reader that more information can be found elsewhere, but doing it this way emphasizes the link. Sometimes, the main article will be on an external site. The correct formatting for this is:

Main external article: UESP