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Planet Elder Scrolls (abbreviated to PES) is a mod hosting site managed by IGN Entertainment. The site used to be one of the go to sites for both modders and mod users, but it has been dying a slow death over the last few years. Many of the mods that were only hosted on PES have been relocated to other sites, mostly to Morrowind Modding History.

The final death knell for the site happened on the 24th August 2012. Community moderators lost access to the CMS required to post new and validate new mods. This meant that while mods already on PES could continue to be updated, new mods could not be added to the site[1][2]. The same thing happened to memberships, existing memberships could continue to be updated, but no new ones could be created[2]. These actions effectively killed Planet Elder Scrolls as a fully functioning mod hosting website.


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