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The file format of the esp and esm mod files is a database of records and sub-records.


Main article: File Format Records
Record Name Description
TES3 File header.
GMST A game setting.
GLOB A script global variable.
CLAS A character class.
FACT A faction.
RACE A character race.
SOUN An in-game sound.
SKIL A character skill.
MGEF A magic effect, such as Fire Damage or Telekinesis.
SCPT A script.
REGN A world region such as the Bitter Coast Region.
BSGN A birthsign.
LTEX A land texture.
STAT A static object.
DOOR A door.
MISC A miscellaneous item.
WEAP A weapon.
CONT A container.
SPEL A spell.
CREA A creature.
BODY A body part.
LIGH A light.
ENCH An enchanting effect.
ARMO Armor.
CLOT An item of clothing.
REPA A repair item.
ACTI An activator.
APPA An alchemy apparatus such as a calcinator or a mortar and pestle.
LOCK A lockpick.
PROB A probe.
INGR An ingredient.
BOOK A book.
ALCH A potion.
LEVI Levelled items.
LEVC Levelled creatures.
CELL An external or an internal cell.
LAND Landscape.
PGRD A cell pathgrid.
SNDG A sound generator.
DIAL A dialogue topic.
INFO A dialogue response.


Main article: File Format Sub-Records

Each record contains several different sub-records. Each sub-record stores the different kinds of data needed by that record. For example, a MISC record (an item record) will have NAME and FNAM (there is more). NAME stores the id of the item, while FNAM stores the in-game name. Sub-records are not necessarily unique to a record; such as FNAM which can be found in many different records.

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