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TES Advanced Mod Editor
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Author Erik Benerdal (Searabus)
Version 1.0
Download Morrowind Modding History
Website N/A

TESAME (The Elder Scrolls Advanced Mod Editor) is a tool used by both modders and players that can clean dirty mods, and merge any two mods.

Cleaning Mods

To remove any unwanted items. Select them in the list and press Space. They get "marked". You can also Right-click on single items to mark them. Click on the Items-menu and then on Delete. Or press Delete on your keyboard. Read the list below to see which items are okay to remove.

By removing items in the list you're NOT removing them from the mod completely. A "removed" NPC can still be seen in the game. You're only making sure that the original data (in this case, NPC) are not being changed by your mod. The cells and their content stay intact. Unless you.. hehe, remove a cell.

Merging Mods

Before merging two mods, save any mod you're working on with TES AME. TES AME will close any open mods without saving before merging.

Click on Mods->Merge.. You get to select a primary mod and a secondary mod. The secondary mod will be added to the primary. Click on the Merge button, enter a destination filename. You've got a hybrid!

I'm not sure what consequences mashing two different mods together might have, so use common sence and don't merge two megamods. For best control, export and import individual items between mods.

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