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TES Alliance (TESA) is a fan site dedicated to modding, by modders for modders. At the core of TESA is The Enclave; a TES modding school. The Enclave provides a place for experienced modders to start classes on certain modding topics. From the basics right through to design, scripting, and texturing and modelling. Also hosted by TESA is the Voice Actors Project. This is where voice acting talent can be archived to make it easier for modders to find talent for their projects, as well as to make it easier for the voice actors to find projects to lend their talents to. TESA also provides a mod download section, blogging, and project hosting.

Project Tracking

Project Tracking is an advanced project tracking and hosting suite for dedicated modders and large teams. It provides a forum, gallery albums, a project bug tracker, team blog, and live chat.

The Enclave

The Enclave is a forum based school providing sub-forums for Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim. Experienced modders are invited to start classes on whatever modding topic they would like. The experienced modder will be the professor for the class teaching other modders (the students). The forum format provides as easy method for students to ask questions and for the professor to answer them.

A library of former classes for people to browse and a Study Hall sub-forum for students to ask questions when professors are unavailable, can also be found within The Enclave.

Voice Actors Project


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The Voice Actors Project is a forum based club for voice actors in the Elder Scrolls community. It is designed to organize voice acting talent, teach voice actors the tricks of the trade, and to archive voice talent in one place so that modders can find the actors they need for their projects. The project also gives voice actors a chance to chat together about the issues they face in this theatrical modding pursuit and enables them to find active work in the community.


In the history of the Elder Scrolls modding community there have been many great attempts to create a voice actors guild. Voice actors are one commodity the community is seldom short on. Most modders have done it for their own mods and many newcomers are willing to learn the trade as it doesn't require interaction with modding tools. It is one of the more exciting facets of game development, is relatively easy to learn, and can be fun for everyone involved! Unfortunately, while voice actors and new talent are fairly common, it has often proved difficult to organize, manage, and maintain such a guild in the past.


The Voice Actors Project is open to anyone to join. Both voice actors with varying levels of experience, as well as someone who has never lent their voice to a project before. The Voice Actors Project provides the guides and resources to help budding and experienced voice actors. Prior modding experience is not required to join the Project.

The only requirement is to have a functional microphone. Not an on-board speaker or headset mic, but a handheld or desk-mounted unit instead. On-board and headset mics are quite often of lower quality and tend to create "tinny" feedback in the recording. It is also recommended to have some experience with the open-source audio editing program Audacity.

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