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TES Faith
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Author Lightwave and Timeslip
Version 0.96beta (Lightwave), 0.1 (Timeslip)
Download Lightwave's version, Timeslip's version
Website N/A

TES Faith is a tool created by Lightwave and later Timeslip. It is capable of moving entire exterior cells worth of content to different cells. It is frequently used by modders to move landmass mods from one location to another, often to make them compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt. It can also duplicate exterior and interior cells, and delete cells.

There are two versions of TES Faith, the original Command Line version written by Lightwave, and a GUI version created by Timeslip. The version written by Lightwave has been updated more recently than Timeslip's version, so it is the recommended version to use.

External Links

TES Faith page on Lightwave's website

TES Faith readme and documentation

Download for Timeslip's edit of TES Faith

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