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Morrowind contains several cells which were used by developers for testing. They are only accessible via coc console command (usage: coc "name of the cell").

They can be quite useful for players to test various mods (replacers, for example). Here is the list:

  • ToddTest - A large interior built with Velothi set; chests containing all weapons, armor and ingredients from the game; various clutter; several ordinators; steam centurion, activators with testing scripts and more.
  • Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go! - A huge interior built with Hlaalu tileset; very powerful hostile NPC; lots of misc items placed on shelves and tables; furniture from the common tileset; several shacks with nicely decorated interiors; a chest with all ingredients from the game.
  • Character Stuff Wonderland - Several peaceful monsters: steam centurion, dremora, clanfear, skeleton and orgrim.
  • Mark's Vampire Test cell - A couple of hostile vampires here.
  • Mark's Script Testing cell - A large Dwemeri interior. You are teleported right inside some machinery (use TCL (toggle collision) command to get out of it).
  • Redoran interior - A large and empty interior.
  • Redoran interior2 - The same as above.
  • Mournhold Temple - The same as above. From tribunal.esm.