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A function added by MGE XE.

XSetWeatherSky sets the sky color. You can also do it by editing morrowind.ini.
New values are not stored in savegames and will be lost when you exit the game. Setting weather data takes effect immediately.


XSetWeatherSky weatherID(float) time_enum(float) red(float) green(float) blue(float)
weatherID -> weather type as used in ChangeWeather
time_enum -> sunrise = 0, day = 1, sunset = 2, night = 3
rgb -> 0-255


short skycolor
short rn
short rn1
short rn2
short rn3
short rn4
short rn5
short rn6
short rn7
short rn8
short rn9
short rn10
short rn11
short weather
short timeofday
whilex ( skycolor )
	set rn to random 255			;random 256 crashes the game
	set rn1 to random 255
	set rn2 to random 255
	set rn3 to random 255
	set rn4 to random 255
	set rn5 to random 255
	set rn6 to random 255
	set rn7 to random 255
	set rn8 to random 255
	set rn9 to random 255
	set rn10 to random 255
	set rn11 to random 255
	XSetWeatherSky		weather timeofday rn rn1 rn2 			
	XSetWeatherFog		weather timeofday rn3 rn4 rn5 			
	XSetWeatherAmbient	weather timeofday rn6 rn7 rn8 	
	XSetWeatherSun		weather timeofday rn9 rn10 rn11 	
	set timeofday to ( timeofday + 1 )
	if ( timeofday == 4 )
		set weather to ( weather + 1 )
		set timeofday to 0
	if ( weather == 10 )
		set skycolor to 0

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