A Saint's Tale - Glory of Eagle's Pass

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A Saint's Tale Part I: The Glory of Eagle's Pass

Mod Information
Author(s) Biulding3015, Purple Gandalf
Current Version 6.0
Last updated 13 Jul 2011
Links Nexus Mods
Language English
Translations German: Elder Scrolls Portal (v5.7)
Requirements A Saint's Tale Master v3 (available at the link above)
Playing Time ??
Quests (Side Quests) 12 (2)


"The mountains are cold, and the people are colder. In the frozen north, there exists a small village by the name of Eagle's Pass. Its inhabitants are not used to seeing outsiders. They all look to their chieftain for guidance and advice. They all look to their hunters for survival. However, their peaceful village lies on top of a conspiracy bigger than any of them could imagine. There are secrets buried in the hills surrounding Eagle's Pass. The horrors of the past are resurfacing once again and bringing a curse upon the fair villagers of the mountain village. Only an outsider can possibly save them, or can they?"

The village of Eagle's Pass is built in a little valley just below the statue to the deadra lord Hermaeus Mora. There are a host of NPCs living there and they all have unique things to say and quests to give. This mod is focused on the story, and not as much on the graphical workings of the village.

The village features seven NPCs and a handful of other characters that live outside of the village walls. Each NPC has their own personality and take on life in general. Some are far more interested in the day to day proceedings of the village and some are not. Just talk to them and see where it goes. Every NPC has a schedule that they keep. There are no guilds or shops in the village. this is because of their isolation that no one in their right mind would pass through the spot as a trading route. There are twelve quests for you to undertake in Part I of the A Saint's Tale Story. They are all voiced and scripted and take you across Cyrodiil in search of the answers to the puzzles of what is going on in this cursed little village.