Lost Sword of the Ayleids

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An-Arane Cey: Lost Sword of the Ayleids

Mod Information
Author(s) DarkSeed Team
Current Version 2.0
Version Date 17 Feb 2009
Links FileFront, Nexus Mods, TESAlliance
Language English
Translations N/A
Requirements OBSE
Playing Time 4+ hours
Quests (Side Quests) 1


Lost Sword of the Ayleids is a treasure hunt mod. There are no map markers. You will have to rely on your own ingenuity and knowledge of Cyrodiil's landscape to find each location. The clues, in combination with the journal hints, should give you ample information to point you in the right direction.

The reward is a custom made sword that has a recharge ability along with other useful enchantments.

We haven't timed the quest, but it should take you awhile to do it as there are a number of dungeons you have to raid in order to do the quest. From feedback, it will take upwards of 4 hours to do, but that's if you already have a good knowledge of Tamriel...

Lost Sword is designed to begin once you've had a good night's sleep. Find a bed and get horizontal for at least eight hours. The quest will begin with a short video clip.


  • A patch for UL Arrius Creek is available here.