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Utility Profile
Name Better Oblivion Sorting Software
Author(s) The BOSS Development Team
Short Name BOSS
Current v1.9.1
Project Page BethSoft Forum Thread (changes frequently)
Download BOSS at TESNexus
Supported Games Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas

Better Oblivion Sorting Software (BOSS) automatically orders more than 10,000 plugins, and it will save the user a ton of work managing a load order, or even multiple load orders. The result is not always 100% correct, but if the plugins are not all unknown, the result will be close. Most users are recommended to follow the BOSS load order unless they want to make specific tweaks and know what they are doing.


  • Download the latest BOSS executable.
  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, should right-click on BOSS.exe and choose Run as administrator. Windows XP users can just double-click the executable.
  • If you have custom plugins or will have unknowns that need rearranging, look at the ReadMe in the Oblivion/BOSS folder (new location as of version 1.7) for instructions about how to create (and comment) a Userlist.txt file, which will have BOSS modify its output accordingly.


  1. (If you use Wrye Bash) Turn off Lock Times: Right-click on the File header and uncheck lock times.
    • Alternatively, you can run BOSS via Wrye Bash's shortcut and Bash will take care of this first step for you.
  2. Run BOSS (a shortcut with a green "BOSS" is along the bottom of Bash's window)
  3. Read the BOSS log: After running BOSS, the BOSS LOG pops up. The BOSS log file contains lots of compatibility information and other info making it worth every minute it takes to read through it, thoroughly.
  4. Act on BOSS log's suggestions about mod cleaning and simultaneous loading of mods together.
  5. Do you have unrecognized files? (at the bottom of the log file) If so, leave the log file open and keep reading, else close the log file and you can skip to "Bash Tags." BOSS recognizes over 10,000 plugins but there are many more plugins available on the net.
    >> Note: If BOSS does not work (i.e., the log file does not open), go post about the problem in the BOSS thread on the BethSoft forum. The BOSS LOG file is located in the Data folder if you need to double-check.
  6. If you want to have your unrecognized plugins to the BOSS master list, you should post them in BOSS's BethSoft thread to be added to future updates:
    >> Note: Please, do not just paste a bunch of unrecognized plugins in your post. Add links to each plugin's mod page, or provide a brief description of what each plugin (or mod) does.


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