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Most plugins should be checked where they appear in the various bashed patch sections. There are few exceptions, some of which are listed below. Keep in mind that BOSS is often more current than mods' documentation as far as tagging is concerned. If a discrepancy bothers you, ask about it in the BOSS thread. All plugins that will be merged (green) or only imported (purple, italicized or sometimes regular black text) should not be active during the rebuilding of the bashed patch. That ensures that the changes are imported and merged as expected.

Reminder: If you need a new Bashed Patch, grab a copy out of the Oblivion\Mopy\Extras.

FCOM users should check the Quick Bash Check Guide for Wrye Bash in the opening post of the current FCOM thread for the latest tag recommendations. 2) Oblivion.esm should be checked wherever it appears. 3) Import Names is fairly lax, so you can opt not to choose plugins there if you wish. 4) The bashed patch only imports content if necessary. In other words, if a plugin is active and its (would be imported) changes are not overridden later in the LO, they will not be imported into the bashed patch. If the plugin is not activate during the rebuilding, the changes will be imported.

In general, you can check all plugins where they appear in the Bashed Patch rebuild dialog, unless otherwise noted by a mod's ReadMe to not check the plugin in some section. For a complete option reference see: Wrye Bash Patch Option Reference (by Warrudar)

Important Mod-Specific Notes

Things to not check given certain circumstances...

  • Import Cells
    • Do NOT forget!! to check All Natural's plugins here.
  • Import Factions
    • MMMforOOO, FCOM: uncheck OOO ESP and OOO ESM here
  • Import Relations
    • MMMforOOO, FCOM: uncheck OOO ESP and OOO ESM here
Bashed Patch Tweaks

These are all safe, but some may have odd results when used with certain mods. 2) Right-click on tweaks with variable settings to change the setting.

  • Globals
    • Timescale - replaces day length and (static) timescale modules
  • NPC Tweaker
  • Tweak Assorted
    • XXX show rings - making clothes show jewerly can cause nasty effects when using mods that add rings to create certain effects (i.e., RGO, Supreme Magicka)
  • Tweak Clothes
  • Tweak Names
  • Tweak Settings
    • Cell Respawn - replaces (cell) respawn modules
  • COBL Catalogs
  • Contents Checker
  • Leveled Lists - selecting automatic usually suffices
  • Morph Factions - see the readme
  • Power Exhaustion - see the readme
  • Race Records - order matters!
  • SE World Tests - stops SI inhabitants from rattling on about Cyrodiil topics while the PC is there

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