Creating an Override Patch for an Existing NPC Face

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These steps walk through the process of creating a patch with a vanilla face intended to override some other mod.

Requirements: TES4Edit, Wrye Bash


  1. Launch TES4Edit.
  2. At the first window: You only need the plugin that contains the face active, so right-click in the dialog box, choose unselect all, and put a check next to the source plugin.>> notes: if you want to add the face as an override to an existing plugin, check that plugin as well
  3. Click OK until the main window is at the fore and wait for TES4Edit to finish loading Oblivion's resources.
  4. Expand the source plugin's NPC records by clicking on the +: first, expanding the plugin's records and then the NPC branch.
  5. Locate the record of the NPC whose face you want to preserve, and select the record.>> notes: click on a column header (Form ID, Editor ID, Name) to sort the records by a different identification criterion
  6. Right-click on the record and choose "copy as override..."
  7. Choose to add the face to either a new plugin or another existing plugin. If you are creating a new plugin, give it a name without adding ".esp" when prompted.
  8. Close TES4Edit, and make sure only the plugins you intended to modify are checked if prompted with a save changes dialog.
  9. Launch Wrye Bash.
  10. Move the plugin to load after TNR, and rebuild your bashed patch, checking the new plugin in the Import Faces section.
  11. In the plugin's description window add the following: {{BASH:NpcFaces,NoMerge,Deactivate}}
    • Warning!!! Bash tag definitions are case sensitive.
    • NpcFaces is the Bash tag to make the plugin appear in the Import Faces section of the bashed patch.
    • NoMerge stops it from appearing in the merge section because importing takes care of the necessary changes (and makes the plugin's text purple)
    • Deactivate invokes the italicizing distinction rule (just to help remind you that the plugin should not be active.)

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