How to Post Your Load Order

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Often, when trying to get help troubleshooting a problem with a modified setup, the person helping will ask that you post your load order because most mod-related issues can be picked out from it. Therefore, the more information a load order includes, the better. For that reason, the first tool of choice is almost always Wrye Bash. However, if you do not have Wrye Bash, posting your load order via any tool is better than nothing.

Using Wrye Bash

  1. Right-click on the "File" tab
  2. Chose "List Mods" (copies the LO for you)
  3. Paste the load-order in your post

Using OBMM

  1. Click Import/Export (in the right sidebar)
  2. Click View Load Order
  3. Copy the list and paste it in your post

Using the BOSS Log

  1. Run BOSS
  2. Copy the load order from your BOSS Log
  3. Paste it in your post
    >> notes: The BOSS log is not your load order. It may reflect your load order if every mod plugin installed in your data folder is actually in use, but the list it prints out is an ordered list containing every plugin installed in your data folder.

Using Windows Command Line

Based on the snippet in the Oblivion Mods FAQ

##You can also use the standard Windows CMD prompt (Start->Run->CMD), and the following command sequence:
cd \Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data
## This above should be the path to your Data folder.  You must change this if you did not use the default install location or are not using Windows XP 32-bit.
dir *.es* /od/b > C:\Mod_List.txt
##This will create a new text file (C:\Mod_List.txt) containing a list of all your mods sorted by date. You can then open this file and copy/paste it into your help request.

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