How to Regenerate the Oblivion.ini

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Reinstalling Oblivion will not generate a new copy of the Oblivion.ini. That would be way too much work...

Reminder: The Oblivion.ini is located in Documents/My Games/Oblivion.


  1. Backup your existing Oblivion INI, if you have made a bunch of edits to it.
  2. Delete the Oblivion.ini file.
  3. Run Oblivion.
  4. Redo your Oblivion.ini tweaks.

>> Note: 1) DO NOT FORGET to re-tweak your Oblivion.ini with the stabilizing tweaks and mod-specific tweaks. 2) Users of DarNified UI and DarkUIdDarn must to re-edit the "fonts" section in the newly generated INI to prevent related crashes.

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