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Oblivion and Memory Usage - For a while now, users have recognized many instability (i.e., CTD) problems are related to the memory cap on Oblivion as a 32-bit application. Oblivion is limited to about 1.8Gb of address space, and once it hits that limit you can expect a CTD. However, there is now a possibility to raise that limit for 64-bit users with more than 3GB RAM (probably 3.5GB or more). The patch automatically backs up the Oblivion.exe that it patches, and users should restore the original if they notice instability after applying the patch. Changing limitations on applications' memory address space is not something to mess around with. This patch should be safe for setups that meet the requirements, but the damage that can be done if something goes wrong is very serious. If your setup does not meet the minimum requirements, please do not use this patch.

To learn more about this topic, the patch and how to determine whether or not this memory limit is the cause behind your crashes, see Oblivion and Memory Usage.

>> Note: 1) Applying the patch on a 32-bit system is definitely not recommended. It can cause instability and may not raise the memory ceiling anyway. 2) When you use the patch to modify Oblivion.exe it automatically creates a BAK (.bak) backup in the folder.

>> Note: Skyrim has been patched to use more than 2GB if running on a 64-bit system.

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The LAA patch can be downloaded from NTCore.

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