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This is not an official guide, nor is it endorsed by the authors of the mentioned mods. Furthermore, this is a stand-alone guide, and reading other guides or installations along with it may cause confusion as a result of differences in language and terms. Its purpose is not that of a supplement to the official installation instructions found in the mods' ReadMe files or official development threads, but, rather, to offer augmented instructions for those who have found those resources insufficient in some way. Sometimes level of comfort with mod management required to follow the official documentation exceeds that of the user whom wants to try to mod. That is why this guide not only aims to help users successfully install these mods, but also it aims to raise the user's comfort with managing these mods.

Before proceeding with this guide, it would be helpful to have read or be familiar with the material covered in System Requirements, Intro to Mods and Hardware Analysis pages. Also note that the example mods this guide covers are not exhaustive. If you are wondering what types of mod configurations users have run successfully, check out the RLO Database.

Warning!!! Users of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, whenever you have to run executable (EXE) installers for mods and mod management-related utilities right-click and flag installer to Run as Administrator. Likewise, 64-bit users have to be aware of the fact that some 32-bit installer do not execute properly on 64-bit platforms.


Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO) is one of the most popular overhauls for Oblivion. It is also one of the oldest TESIV mods. It changes NPC leveling, giving capped ranges to enemies leveling, weaves in many new quests and characters to the world of Tamriel, and introduces many neat gameplay tweaks as well. The game with OOO is completely different. As much as it overhauls the game, most mods can be run with OOO as there are many aspects of the game it does not touch. Also, due to its being around so long, many mods will mention whether or not there is compatibility issue, and there are also patches for a number of mods that otherwise would have conflicts. Be prepared for a whole new Oblivion experience! OOO raises the game's intensity to a whole new level...

If you are installing OOO as part of FCOM or MMM+OOO, please see the repective guides for those overhauls:

From Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.33 Nexus page...

Warnings: * Vista users beware of the EXE installer! If you use the EXE version on Vista you may not get all the resource files when you install. Best way to avoid this is to use the OMOD installation or the manual 7zip installation. If you still prefer to use the EXE, then you must install twice: once without picking any options and then again picking the options you want.

Download Components

BAIN users should download non-OMOD versions (i.e., manual, BAIN-ready, OMOD-ready, regular, etc.) mods to the Bash Installers folder. OBMM users should download OMOD versions or OMOD-ready versions of mods when they are available. Only a few of these are available as OMODs, but a number are OMOD-ready. OMODs can be either downloaded to your OMODs folder or loaded into OBMM by double-clicking on them or right-clicking and choosing Open. (The default OMODs folder is Oblivion/OBMM/Mods.) Avoid EXE downloads.


  • Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul 1.33 - core
    • OOO1.33 Complete 7z (main download)
    • OOO FULL users should also download OOO1.34b5 7z patch (from the previous link). (latest patch)
    • OOO LITE users should download the OOO 1.33b LITE patch. (latest patch)
    • If you are undecided, download both patches, but do not install both. Each is intended for one and only one version.

Strongly Recommended

>> Note: Do not use the MOBS version of the unofficial official patches. Download the separate MOBS patches for the DLCs until OMOBS versions of those are available. OMOBS covers the vanilla and SI items, so downloading MOBS-ified versions of the UOP and USIP is unnecessary anyway.

Other Updates and Recommends

  • Enhanced Economy
    • An updated alternative to Living Economy, the economy mod bundled with OOO.
  • OOO Gems & Gem Dust OBSE
    • An OBSE-enabled rewrite of OOO geomancy system
    • This version is compatible with MMM.


For now, manual users, please follow the BAIN track.

→ Continue Installing OOO with BAIN

→ Continue Installing OOO with OBMM

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul

Frans, War Cry, Oscuro's, Martigen

Martigen's Monster Mod

BAsh INstallers

Oblivion Mod Manager

Oscuro's Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System

Medieval Oblivion (Equipment) Balance System

Shivering Isles

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch

Oblivion Script Extender