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This is just an overview of the main categories related to Oblivion, the fourth game in the Elder Scrolls series.

Intro to Oblivion and Mods

Introducing modified Oblivion...

  • System Requirements — System requirements for Oblivion and recommended specs for modified Oblivion
  • Installed Folders — An introduction to the directories created during Oblivion's installation
  • Intro to Mods — An introduction to Oblivion mods
  • Intro to Mod Conflicts — An introduction to the different types of mod conflicts
  • Mod Management — A quick introduction to the common methods and tools used to manage mods
  • Acronyms — Common acronyms related to Oblivion and their meanings
  • Hardware Analysis — Information about Oblivion with respect to consumer hardware (if you're thinking about upgrading...)
  • Plugins — An introduction to plugins: types, dependencies, etc.


Programs and Utilities

Programs and utilities to use with Modified Oblivion

  • Programs and Utilities — List of commonly used programs and utilities with links to locations at which they can be downloaded
  • BOSS Userlist Manager — a.k.a BUM, BOMM's successor, a companion to BOSSBetter Oblivion Sorting Software for keeping track of personal edits to the BOSSBetter Oblivion Sorting Software masterlist
  • Better Oblivion Sorting Software — a.k.a BOSSBetter Oblivion Sorting Software, "the" load ordering utility
  • The Elder Scrolls Construction Set — The official TES plugin-designing tool
  • LAA Patch — the Large Address-Aware patch, a patch for allowing Oblivion to use more than 1.8GB of RAM
  • Oblivion Mod Manager — a.k.a OBMMOblivion Mod Manager, the most widely used mod management tool
  • Oblivion Script Extender — a.k.a OBSEOblivion Script Extender, a modder's resource extending Oblivion's scripting functionality
  • Python File Format Interface — a utility for optimizing meshes, usually referred to as PyFFI
  • TES4Edit — a tool for editing, comparing and browsing plugin records
  • TES4Gecko — a tool for doing various sorts of plugin edits
  • Wrye Bash — the most versatile utility available for managing both mods and saved game profiles


Mod Downloads

Where and how to download mods


Mod Installation

The ins and outs of adding mods to an Oblivion setup


Post-Installation Management

  • After Changing a Modified Setup — Steps to take prior to launching Oblivion after modifying a modified setup.
  • Load Order — Introduces plugin load order and the additional plugin states afforded by Wrye Bash's features.


Running Oblivion

Tips for running Oblivion (with mods installed)


  • Before Running Checklist — This small list of pre-run steps can help boost performance and stability significantly
  • First Run Guide — A recommended set of steps to take before running a new modified setup the first time
  • Updating Saves — How to update and repair saves when after changing a modified setup


Troubleshooting facts, tips and resources

Stabilization and Optimization

How to stabilize and optimize Oblivion (with and without mods)