PCS:Bows cause crash (Oblivion Bow Reach Bug)

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The PC or an NPC equipping a bow causes Oblivion to CTD or even force the computer to restart or shutdown.

Causes and Solutions

Cause 1 - Bow Reach Bug

This problem occurs when a bow being equipped has a reach of 0.

Solution #1: A number of mods address this problem, most notably, the Unofficial Oblivion Patch addresses this problem and many other bugs in the Vanilla game.

Solution #2: Wrye Bash's Bashed Patch contains a tweak that should correct this setting in all loaded plugins, not just Vanilla Oblivion's ESM.

Solution #3: There are smaller mods that specifically address this issue for Vanilla and SI as well: Bow Crash Fix by Quazzy for SI.

Crash to desktop

Shivering Isles